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Our pages are filled with undying passion to serve the travel industry in the most prolific way. Travel Turtle Magazine is uniquely Indian and increasingly international as it honors the past and forges the future. As the voice and the vision of the conventional and cosmopolitan travel industry, we cover a lot of exciting ground. Through a monthly print magazine, daily updated website, weekly newsletter and experiential events.

Travel Turtle is an ultimate resource of unrivalled news, analysis and features on the thought-provoking subjects discerning the travel industry. In essence, we exist to change the way you plan, execute and visions travel. Out-of-the-box and path breaking stories that have a significant tourism value but are untouched and unconnected in the common eye are captivating an ever-growing readership and circulation. A powerful mix of print and digital platforms gives our partner ways to showcase products and services to the people who want them the most.

About Trouvaille Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd. 

The latest entrant in the travel media genre, Trouvaille Media & Communications inspires and guides travellers to have deeper, richer, and more meaningful experiences. Travel Turtle values a deep sense of cultural immersion and emphasises on presenting places as they really are and we celebrate global diversity in all forms.

Under the wings of Travel Turtle, we promise to deliver divergent content, an array of events ranging from seminars, exhibitions to talk shows and supplements published in collaboration with esteemed partners. An inspiring travel content, videos and even helpful travel guides that have the essence of sustainability.

The journey from having an idea to see your product being easily available and accessible to the discerning consumers, we believe in making the time big. Thus, with first phase of expansion, Travel Turtle plans to establish its offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Dubai and Paris.

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