Harish Chandra


Harish Chandra, an alumnus of Delhi University, is a well-known entrepreneur working in the domains of Media, CSR, Branding and Social Entrepreneurship. An astute professional, an able leader with smart business acumen and team building abilities, he is spearheading two renowned publications – Achievers’ World and CSR Times. He has led several National and International business delegations to countries such as the USA, UK, Russia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. He has done remarkable work in promoting MSMEs and Startups globally. He introduced powerful and valuable awards for both public and private enterprises and social sector under the brand ‘Indian Achievers Awards’ which is held in every year in India and overseas. Under his mentorship two publications ‘CSR Times’ and ‘Achievers World’ gained significant presence in the corporate world. He is also associated with many National and International Chambers of Commerce. Through his existing channels, Harish has been working closing with many leading hospitality brands and international tourism boards in India.

Harish is passionate about bringing a distinctive perspective on table when it comes to the travel industry. He believes the sector, its conglomerates, the corporate have a huge potential and that needs to be highlighted through a medium like Travel Turtle. His vision is to establish a platform that gives travel professionals a stage to interact with newer audience, utilizing the untapped potential of a new media.

Bharti Sharma


A graduate in journalism & mass communications, Bharti brings a freshness and a millennial approach to the way travel media is presented to its audience. Her diverse experience with mainstream print and electronic media with renowned brands adds depth and variety to her content and composition. Over the course of five years as Assistant Editor in a business-to-business travel magazine, Bharti has covered everything from airline, hotels, destinations, to policies, bureaucracy, and a plethora of domestic and international events adding substance to her journalistic acumen.

As an editor, she is responsible for putting the magazine together so what reaches your offices every month is not just binded sheets of paper but a bundle of enlightening content that is equally aesthetic and a visual delight for the beholder. She is punctilious about the slightest detail in Travel Turtle and thus, adores it when the issue comes to life. With a never-ending passion for both travel and writing, she enjoys contributing her expertise to the overall goals of Trouvaille Media and Communications.

Bharti intensely believes that tourism is a subject of substance; it’s much more than flights, hotels and sightseeing. It benefits communities, restores culture and allows us to explore the best of ourselves. She would scour the world for incredible travel experience, ground-breaking insights and intriguing stories. Being a good life connoisseur who keeps her finger in the pulse of best travel experiences, she wants to give the travel sector the perspective it deserves!

Sudipta Saha

Executive Director

With a belief in her creative vision, Sudipta Saha started her career in the field of journalism and mass communication 15 years back and she has been exploring different dimensions of the sector since then. In her career spanning 15 years, she has worked in different genres heading several verticals which include the editorial desk, Events, and Conferences. Her zeal to grow with a vision has always given wings to the projects she’s associated with. Going beyond her conventional editorial role, she will be seen in a very different avatar at Travel Turtle adding that extra icing to the venture.

Part of the travel industry for the last 7 years, her deep-rooted love for travel, new destinations, culture and passion to explore and experience are known to one and all. Being an optimist, she believes in perseverance and learning at every step of her life. A masters in journalism and mass communication, Sudipta is pursuing her PhD in journalism and tourism which will definitely add another dimension to her intellect and professional.


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