Rajeev Kohli, Creative Travel conferred with the ‘Hall of Leaders’ award by the EIC

In what unfolds as a news of immense pride and honour for the Indian travel trade, Rajeev Kohli, Joint Managing Director, Creative Travel has been inducted into the Events Industry Council’s (EIC) prestigious ‘Hall of Leaders’. The induction into the EIC Hall of Fame is only bestowed upon the most outstanding global leaders for the culmination of their role in shaping the MICE industry. In the EIC Hall of Leaders’ history of over 35 years, Kohli garners the honour of being the first Indian to be inducted into this congregation of illustrious leaders of the industry.

Since 1985, the Events Industry Council has distinguished the industry through the Hall of Leaders awards programme aimed at promoting the values of the industry and recognising the contributions of the leaders working in it. The inductees go through a very high standard of scrutiny by a set group of jury members from across the world.

Rajeev’s journey has been compelled with his passion for the industry, fuelling his commitment to contribute in the development of the tourism industry at every level. His accomplishment is a testimony to the sheer diligence, passion and his appetite to go bigger and better.

On winning the prestigious recognition, the ecstatic Kohli states, “I am completely stunned at being inducted into the EIC Hall of Leaders. I never could imagine how much my friends and peers think of me, so much more than I do of myself. I’m just one small cog in our larger universe. The love my SITE family and the industry at large have given me is immeasurable. I consider this honour to be an indication that success is determined simply by the efforts you make and the relationships you build along your journey. This honour is humbling to the core and I am super excited to be a part of this illustrious group of industry legends. Stunned!”

Kohli is the first Asian to ever take the leadership position of Global President of the Society for Incentive Travel completing two terms in 2016-2017. He has jointly contributed in making Creative Travel the most globally awarded DMC in South Asia winning over 84 global and national awards and recognitions for their service and creativity. Rajeev is extremely passionate about incentive travel leading his team to winning 7 SITE Crystal awards for excellence in incentive travel programs, the most to any company in all of Asia.

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  1. It is matter of pride for Industry in general and Creative family in particular! Travel Pals India as part of industry’s prominent DMC rejoice this milestone achieved & best wishes to Rajeev & all in team for many more such milestones!

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