Unforgettable New Zealand – A destination worth the hype

Attracting value travellers

Gregg Wafelbakker is responsible for Tourism New Zealand’s marketing activities across China, Japan, Korea, and South and South East Asia talks to Travel Turtle. Gregg states, “India has been the fastest-growing market for us before the onset of the pandemic. Indian travellers traditionally have engaged in more activities than other markets. However, as sustainability has become critical as we look to rebuild tourism, we want Indian travellers to contribute both economically and socially.”

New Zealand borders reopened in August. With this, Tourism New Zealand is eyeing to attract ‘value’ travellers in India who are looking for unique experiences with a strong connection to people, culture and nature.

Gregg Wafelbakker

Natural charisma of the island country

The active volcanoes, magnificent caves, deep glacier lakes, beautiful valleys, sandy beaches, and the spectacular snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps—all contribute to New Zealand’s scenic beauty. New Zealand is globally renowned for wine tourism. The country’s rich pinot noir and sauvignon blanc offerings are bound to interest the seasoned crowd. Get a taste of wineries and vineyards on both of New Zealand’s islands with incredible excursions. New Zealand is also a destination for a thrilling adventure. Travellers who wish to combine their love of the outdoors with their adventurous and thrilling spirit can do it in the home of adventure tourism which is New Zealand. There are adventure activities to suit all levels of confidence. From heliskiing and skydiving, up to off-roading, horse riding and water rafting. This destination has all the adventures and activities to fulfil your hunger for an adrenaline rush and excitement.

Spot on destination marketing
Tourism New Zealand released a new campaign, ‘If You Seek’. Through the campaign, the brand aims to convert demands for New Zealand and boost the post-Covid recovery. The campaign launched in India through key trade partners like Thomas Cook, MakeMyTrip and Kulin Kumar Holidays. It should be noted that Tourism New Zealand is responsible for marketing the destination of New Zealand as an international and domestic visiting destination. Through this campaign, Aotearoa New Zealand welcomes Indian visitors and attracts them to see the unseen, explore the unexplored and cherish their travel experience. Gregg Wafelbakker says the campaign claims to be an amalgamation of sensory and spiritual senses showcasing New Zealand’s people and places. ‘If You Seek’ is a unique campaign targeting high-quality visitors to New Zealand and will create curiosity among travellers to explore the destination. “We are encouraged with the forward bookings for New Zealand from the Indian market. We understand that recovery for the tourism sector will happen gradually and we are encouraged by what we are hearing from our trade partners,” said Wafelbakker.

A traveller’s delight

New Zealand is considered one of the most peaceful, safe and clean countries in the world to settle in. It is also one of the favourite immigration destinations for Indians. People from all parts of India move in thousands every year to live, work, study, do tourism, or settle in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most gorgeous countries on the earth, and even with its modest size, it happens to pack a lot of history, culture, and attractions for tourists from all over the world to experience. The island country is ranked among the second most beautiful country in the world and now we know exactly why.


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