Akshar River Cruise was inaugurated by Amit Shah in Ahmedabad

Union Home Affairs and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah virtually opened the Akshar river cruise floating restaurant in Ahmedabad, a joint venture between Akshar Travels, the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC), and the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation.

An hour and a half will pass by as travellers go on a 162-passenger cruise that includes lunch. A floating restaurant’s sprinkler system includes a lifeboat, life jackets, and other safety equipment.

Amit Shah stated that he also hopes to eat with his family on this cruise in his virtual presentation to the inaugural event. He said that every time he visits Ahmedabad, he has made the decision to have dinner with locals on this boat.

In response to a social gathering, Shah thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, noting that when the Gujarat chief minister was the only other choice, he made a number of initiatives that increased the number of visitors to the state.

Shah claimed that prior to the development of the riverside, he had never visited the Sabarmati stream since moving to Ahmedabad in 1978.

He remembered that the brook was then merely a pit of filthy water.

“When Prime Minister Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat at the time, he first conceived and planned for a riverside; it was built during his tenure (as CM). The riverfront gained popularity outside of Ahmedabad, as well as nationally and internationally, and developed into a major tourist destination,” according to Shah.

It now serves as a hub for many different activities. Senior residents visit in the evening, walkers come in the morning, and kids and teenagers play here. Today, Ahmedabad’s riverside has evolved into the centre of social and cultural life on both sides of the river, according to him.

According to him, Ahmedabad’s “Akshar River Cruise” will be a brand-new attraction. The two-engine, 30-meter-long luxury boat would assist increase tourism by providing great vegetarian and Jain food as well as live music. The river trip was planned with passengers’ safety in mind and has 180 life jackets, emergency rescue boats, and a fire sprinkler system.

Shah claims that after taking office as Gujarat’s chief minister, Modi gave the industry top priority and worked on numerous initiatives to turn the region into a major destination for travellers.

According to Modi, he invested billions of rupees to create an atmosphere that would attract thousands of tourists by connecting travel hubs, borders, and an improved street network.



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