Cruising- the safest holiday destination on-board Cordelia Cruises

With ONLY fully vaccinated guests permitted upon presenting a negative RT-PCR report and fully vaccinated crew member on-board, Cordelia Cruises endeavours to be India’s safest, most mindful and ideal holiday destination.

Cordelia Cruises, India’s largest premium cruise ship by  Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt ltd, promotes and drives the cruise culture in India through experiences that are for families: stylish, luxurious, and most importantly, safe.

Cordelia Cruises is working very closely with the Government of India, shipping authorities, port authority and the entire travel industry. They have created an environment that is safe and sensitive through the prevalent pandemic. The cruise management is ensuring high standards of safety. All Covid protocols and measures are in place for guests on board.

Cordelia Cruises, from its very inception, has been mindful of the security and health of their crew as well as guests on-board. Given that safety is paramount and a non-negotiable factor, Cordelia Cruises has implemented practices for its crew members and guests. While they have already implemented the below mentioned protocols, they are excited to commence sailing and welcome guests on-board with effect from January 29. 

  • All guests to be fully vaccinated along with mandatory RT PCR test.
  • Crew members are fully vaccinated
  • Daily health checks for the crew members
  • Hourly sanitization of the facilities
  • Air-filtration and Social Distancing norms
  • Number of guests limited as per the official mandate by the government.
  • Special services team in charge of the safety and health of senior citizens and children
  • Pre-requisite of tests and vaccination before boarding for ALL guests being worked out apart
  • from comprehensive pre travel checks
  • Well-spaced waiting areas, sanitization stations
  • Contactless and online facilities for check in, boarding etc.
  • QR code enabled digital menus
  • Fully functional medical centre onboard the cruise equipped with all the required medical
  • essentials
  • Equipped to handle medical emergencies, if required

 Cordelia Cruises currently is the safest and most responsible holiday option for those who wish to give their family a #Perfect yet safe holiday. 


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