Hilton Goa Resort to celebrate Poder Culture with ‘The Poder Chronicles’

Hilton Goa Resort in Candolim is excited to host the third year of ‘The Poder Chronicles’ at the hotel, in collaboration with food writer and culinary enthusiast, Nolan Mascarenhas. The Poder Chronicles is all about celebrating the essence of Goan breads which are freshly baked country bread sourced and produced locally in Goa. Hilton Goa Resort invites its guests to celebrate and revive this humble, authentic yet diverse Goan breads, from the 5th to the 7th of August, and experience its flavors with delicious contemporary cuisine curated by expert chefs at the resort.

Bread is an important element of the Goan food culture, but over the years the traditional art of bread making in Goa was taking a backseat thanks to more modern adaptations. This shift was not only affecting the culinary heritage of everyday Goan cuisine but was also impacting the livelihoods of local bread makers, bakeries, and also bread carriers, known as ‘Poders’, a word derived from padeiro, meaning baker in Portuguese. The community of breadmakers found it further challenging to survive due to business shutdowns during the pandemic. The Poder Chronicles, an initiative pioneered by Mr. Mascarenhas, aims to support and revive the Poder community and the Poder culture, which is at the heart of the Goan culinary tapestry.

The team at Hilton Goa Resort has curated an exceptional menu with delicious regional cuisine that beautifully features soulful Goan bread. Some of the delectable signature dishes on the menu include The Maka Kullyo Zai, The Maas-ka-Pao or The Buff Tart,  and Pork-a-que and more to be served with traditional Goan poie bread and its delicious variants known as Pao, Kankon, Katre Pao, Undo, Mangalore Bun, and others. These soft, airy pieces of bread are a perfect accompaniment for almost every Goan delicacy from curries, and omelets to sausages or chorizo. On this occasion, General Manager, Amandeep Singh Grover said “We are delighted to host another year of The Poder Chronicles with Nolan, and believe that this project will achieve great success in the coming years while accomplishing its vision of supporting the Poders and offering a boost to the ancient bread making business in Goa.”

“When made authentically, Goan bread is second to none in its taste, flavor, tradition, and cooking techniques. Our chefs are proud to have the opportunity to showcase this flavorful bread made with a distinctly local touch, to create delicious culinary creations while bringing back the traditional art of Goan bread making.” Mr. Grover added.

“It is an honor to showcase the quintessential bread of Goa with a local twist while pairing it with infused Goan cocktails. The vision of this project is to bring back the authenticity of Goan cuisine at Hilton Goa Resort and we believe this will become the tradition in the coming years” Nolan added.

The Poder Chronicles is an ode to the Goan Poder and the traditional bread-making techniques of Goa. The Poder, who carries freshly baked bread on his cycle every morning is synonymous with the start of a new day in Goa, as every morning the locals wake up to the distinctive sound of his cycle horn. The aroma of soft, freshly baked poie bread in the air, brought to their doorstep by the Poder evokes fond memories for every Goan, and Hilton Goa Resort is all set to rekindle this warm nostalgia by hosting The Poder Chronicles from the 5th to 7th of August 2022 for their esteemed guests and patrons.

While overlooking the breath-taking landscape views of Saipem Hills, guests can savor the culture of Goa with delicacies served with delicious Goan bread and paired with fine cocktails at the Hilton Goa Resort. This is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the treasured Goan bread made with expert hands, its rich history, and exquisite flavors.


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