MICHELIN Stars illuminate İstanbul

İstanbul, one of the world’s most extraordinary culinary destinations, joins the MICHELIN Guide family. The MICHELIN Guide, considered the most prestigious restaurant rating organization worldwide, will announce the selection of Gastrocity İstanbul on October 11, 2022.

İstanbul, among the world’s leading centres for gastronomic tourism, offers diners an ancient food culture shaped by a unique cultural heritage reflected in the city’s award-winning fine dining establishments. This rich gastrocity has been recognized in a special selection by the MICHELIN Guide, the most reputable restaurant rating compendium worldwide.

As a capital for empires throughout history, İstanbul has long been the foundational point of gastronomic traditions that span continents, as well as the birthplace of celebrated palace cuisines. The MICHELIN Guide spotlights İstanbul for gastro tourists, showcasing a creative, dynamic and original culinary culture that brings the past and future together. İstanbul, a global metropolis that presents visitors with an opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes as well as the finest international cuisine, is the 38th destination to be brought to the worldwide gastronomy scene by the MICHELIN Guide, which has been guiding the global food and beverage sector since the 1900s.

Speaking at a meeting for İstanbul to join the MICHELIN Guide,  Republic of Türkiye, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy noted that activities to position İstanbul – one of the most visited cities in the world – as a “gastrocity” will attract tourists interested in good food and exceptional flavours to Türkiye. He said, “This interest of the MICHELIN Guide in the İstanbul food and drink sector demonstrates that Türkiye is also at the forefront of gastronomy tourism. The MICHELIN Guide will move our businesses, which stand out with their originality, diversity, sustainability and creativity, to the global stage with an entirely new perspective.”

Expressing his satisfaction with İstanbul’s addition to the MICHELIN family, Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, observed that İstanbul has fascinated the world for centuries with its history, culture and intercultural identity. Poullennec said that “the MICHELIN Guide’s selection for İstanbul will present the city to gourmets around the world. Fuelled by ancient traditions and young, open-minded and creative talents that shape an original taste identity, İstanbul’s culinary scene amazed our team.”

The MICHELIN Guide’s special selection for İstanbul is expected to draw gastro tourists to Türkiye, empowering the country to take its rightful place among the world’s leading gastronomic centres and expanding İstanbul’s brand value. In highlighting İstanbul’s creative chefs and food and beverage businesses, which attract attention with their rich menus, to the world, the MICHELIN Guide’s İstanbul selection will amplify the importance of the city among the world’s gastronomy capitals. The selection of the first İstanbul restaurants created by independent Michelin inspectors conducting confidential and unannounced visits to restaurants and eateries will be announced at a ceremony organized by Michelin on October 11, 2022.




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