Centara Hotels and Resorts: Elevating hospitality standards across Asia

Centara Hotels & Resorts has long been synonymous with luxury and excellence in the hospitality industry. Moumita Paul, Director of Sales & Marketing – India at Centara Hotels & Resorts shares valuable insights on their expansion plans.

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Centara has always been creating strategic initiatives which are aimed at ensuring that the guests receive nothing short of extraordinary service and accommodations. From its inception, the brand has continually raised the bar for what it means to deliver exceptional experiences to travellers across Asia. Moumita shares,”At Centara Hotels & Resorts, we believe in going above and beyond to exceed our guests’ expectations. Our upcoming ventures and strategic initiatives reflect our commitment to redefining luxury hospitality and creating lasting impressions.”

Pioneering unparalleled experiences

Moumita shares exciting details about Centara’s upcoming venture, the Centara Mirage Lagoon Maldives, “This project is truly ground-breaking. It will be a full-fledged family destination, unlike anything else in the Maldives. With its innovative concept and comprehensive facilities catering to families, the Centara Mirage Lagoon Maldives is poised to redefine luxury travel in the region.”

Indian favourites

India has emerged as a significant market for Centara Hotels & Resorts, with numerous properties witnessing a steady influx of Indian travellers. Moumita elaborated on this trend and shares, “Properties such as Centara Grand Krabi, Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya, and Centara Grand Phuket are perennial favourites among Indian tourists. These properties’ strategic locations, luxurious amenities, and diverse leisure offerings make them highly sought-after destinations for travellers from India.”

What the future holds!

Reflecting on Centara’s performance in the Indian market, Moumita shares insights into the brand’s market share and future outlook. “Indian tourists consistently rank among the top nationalities across our properties. In some locations, they even comprise the largest demographic. With optimistic projections for the upcoming year, Centara remains committed to providing unforgettable experiences to Indian travellers.”

Brewing something new

Centara’s expansion strategy highlights its dedication to growth and innovation. Moumita discusses the upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated Centara Mirage Lagoon Maldives and Centara Grand Lagoon. “These ventures exemplify Centara’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in luxury hospitality. These openings mark significant milestones in Centara’s journey towards becoming the preferred choice for travellers across Asia.”

Long term growth

In today’s competitive landscape, effective marketing is essential for standing out and engaging with consumers. Moumita sheds light on Centara’s strategic marketing initiatives, emphasising the importance of targeted campaigns and partnerships. “Our focus is on fostering meaningful connections with our audience through initiatives like the India Roadshow. These efforts demonstrate Centara’s commitment to staying relevant and resonating with travellers in key markets like India.”

Centara Hotels & Resorts continues to set the standard for luxury hospitality across Asia, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. As Centara embarks on its journey to redefine luxury travel, it remains dedicated to creating unforgettable moments and memories for travellers from around the world.


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