EaseMyTrip: Shining bright on top of the ladder

A highly vigorous industry requires people who make the organisation stand out, EaseMyTrip is striding the industry and ruling the sky, much like its logo. Travel Turtle spoke to dynamic Lokendra Saini, COO, EaseMyTrip on the company’s vision and the core idea behind joining the organisation.

One of the leading stops for all your booking needs EaseMyTrip is not only ruling the sky but is all set on the path to spread its wings in different directions. The organisation is well placed to become a 10 billion dollar company. The feeling of zeal and zest is very evident the moment you enter their office, the rush of energy and positivity enthrals you and the immediate thought is to appreciate their efforts.

Lokendra Saini, a man of stature and magnanimous personality is a treat to talk to. A splendid experience in the industry allows him to offer insights that you won’t find anywhere. Being fairly new in the company, it was a surprise with the dedication he spoke about the organisation and how it is adding value to the lives of people. A busy man juggling a hundred things at one time, his charming personality eases you in and the conversation after becomes a cakewalk. Having worked with some of their contemporaries, Lokendra is well aware of the nitty gritty of the market and how to unravel the path leading to success.

Taking charge whilst the core idea

An organisation that is pure startup culture at heart and works with the same energy all year long, EaseMyTrip is slightly different from the other platforms that he has worked with, as it is a mix of online and offline, also the B2B network where the business is extremely huge.

Lokendra shares “My journey in with ease my trip started with a very thought after decision with the founders. I had a very detailed discussion to understand the organisation, vision and approach and what they plan to achieve in the next five to ten years. As I was looking for something long-term and wanted to add value to the organisation I join. The rate at which ease my trip is growing and the way we are planning to expand in the international market, I felt that this is the right and ideal place for me to achieve something different.”

A piece of the organisation for everyone

Introducing new models and creating a niche in this multifaceted industry is the primary objective, which is helping them to come up with ideas that stand out and create a global market. He enlightens us with the organisation’s franchise model and says, “Franchising model is something where we are allowing every travel enthusiast to start their own business with a brand name of EaseMyTrip which has become extremely big over 14 years now. Anybody who wants to start their business or a new entrepreneurial journey can start with the brand name of EaseMyTrip and we are going to support them with products, and customer support.”

This model has not been limited to the tier II and tier III cities, however, they are cognisant of the fact that they need to have the right people who are aware of the right placement of their retail outlets to have the right brand visibility, and positioning and right kind of audience awareness also can get build.

Visionaries in the making

An organisation, with a strength of more than 800 employees, they are proud of its work culture and the way they operate while crossing all the bumps in the road.

“As far as I have learnt in the limited duration that I’ve been here is that EaseMyTrip still operates like a startup. They like to remain very lean, frugal and yet aggressive in terms of spreading their wings. A combination of all these things makes a very good recipe for a company to succeed. The company is very focused and dedicated and committed to the only business that they are into. The universal directive approach makes it easier for the teams to work collaboratively. It is the dedication of all the teams working together clubbed with the founder’s vision,” shares Lokendra.

Marketing techniques for the coming year

They are pretty well placed in flights, now their focus will be on the hotel segment and curating holidays. Lokendra briefs us about new ventures and mentions, “We have recently launched a business called EMT royal which is dedicated to HNI’s and ultra HNI’s. We are creating a dedicated support system for them which will be highly personalised to their needs, which will create an unmatched experience for them. Furthermore, we are also planning to get into India’s top 5000 UHNI’s. It is a space which requires a lot of attention and delivers an extremely personal approach.”

Need of the hour

When it comes to collating and serving customers with diligence, technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning play an eminent role. To deliver an untethered experience the organisation makes sure to constantly update and make tweaks to the system. “Whenever there is a huge interaction between the customers, it becomes imperative to make sure the system is smart enough to assist them and each user will have a very specific requirement. AI and ML being the agents of personalised design help us to interact on a broader perspective with our customers,” adds Lokendra.

The expansion of the organisation in the space of holidays and other eminent industries is what they are looking at. With innovative ideas and upscaling techniques, they plan to venture into curating experiences for people along with helping them to grow.




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