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Mount Hotels, providing excellent guest experiences in the eastern wing of India is on a growth journey. In a conversation with Sachin Agarwal Designation, CEO and Shilpa Agarwal Designation, CFO, Mount Hotels, the Travel Turtle team learns about the properties in detail.

Comfortable rooms and lavish and breath-taking views make a perfect getaway stay for travellers. At Mount Hotels, guests have the opportunity to personalise their stay with a range of packages and offer tailored experiences according to the customer’s needs. With prime locations across North Bengal and Sikkim, they provide guests with the convenience and flexibility to make their stay truly unique.

Property Rolodex

Mount Hotels boast a total of 275 keys across West Bengal and Sikkim, Mount Amara Hotel and Spa, Siliguri with 90 keys, Mount Embassy Hotel, Siliguri with 21 keys, Mount Conifer Suites and Spa, Darjeeling with 60 keys, Mount Lungta Boutique Hotel and Spa, Darjeeling with 31 keys, Mount Himalayan Hotel and Spa, Gangtok with 19 keys.

Furthermore, Mount Magnolia Boutique Hotel and Spa, Pelling with 20 keys, Mount Polaris Suites and Spa, Kalimpong with 16 keys, Munt Khang Hotel, Lachen with 16 keys amounting to the average occupancy level as a group go to 75 per cent.

Get ready for an immersive experience

Specialised wellness and spa services with personalised treatments to help guests unwind and rejuvenate. Mesmerising and affordable stay, with class apart comfort and quality, is a speciality of Mount Hotels. Modern, well-equipped rooms are available at a reasonable price that provides excellent value for money.

Shilpa enlightens, “Mount Hotels provides guests with the chance to immerse themselves in local culture, curated experiences such as cultural programs and local cuisine offerings. We aim to create an unforgettable experience for the travellers residing with us and ensure to deliver deeply rooted experiences around the local community.”

Expansion on the horizon

Mount Hotels are experiencing significant growth and expansion. The fact that they are expanding to new locations indicates a strong demand for the brand. “We have been receiving excellent guest reviews which suggest that we are providing high-quality service and pleasing the customers,” proudly shares Sachin.

As they are expanding their business to new locations, they plan for further growth in the future. “We plan to expand our hotels at Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where the guest can experience the local nature and wildlife and scuba diving. We plan to expand our hotels in the pilgrimage and wildlife tourism areas,” tells Shilpa

Rewarding business travel

“The growing business travel is resulting in hotels saturating them with occupancy. Mount Conifer Darjeeling receives a high volume of business for MICE and business meetings due to its prime central location. We boast one of the largest pillar-less banquet halls in the area, a board room, multiple restaurants and bar, waiting area, a business centre providing guests with necessary amenities for a successful event,” comments Shilpa when asked about the property that receives an influx of business travellers.

Another property that is high on the list of business travellers is Mount Amara Siliguri, thanks to its sizeable inventory of 90 rooms, two banquet halls and a rooftop banquet with ample parking space.

Curated regional flavour

In the hospitality industry, the regional factor plays a crucial role in providing an authentic experience to customers. When asked about the role of regional flavour in the experience Sachin says, “Customers often look for hotels that offer a taste of the local culture, cuisine, and traditions, to enhance their travel experience. We specialise in traditional khadas and tika along with freshly brewed Darjeeling tea.”

When properties cater to regional preferences and culture, they create a sense of place that can differentiate them from competitors creating brand loyalty. Shilpa shares, “Understanding and incorporating the regional factor is important for properties looking to attract and retain customers, differentiate themselves in the market, and promote responsible tourism practices. Additionally, incorporating local elements can also help properties create a sustainable and responsible tourism model by supporting local businesses and communities.”

F&B plays a major role

Food and beverage (F&B) is a critical component and greatly impacts the overall guest experience. Offering exceptional culinary experiences can help hotels differentiate themselves in a competitive market, attract new customers, and encourage repeat business.

Sachin enlightens us on the cuisine offerings by the properties and says, “To enhance the F&B offerings at our properties, we plan to focus on several areas. We strive to incorporate local flavours and ingredients into our menus, providing guests with an authentic and unique culinary experience. Along with this, we prioritize the quality of ingredients and preparation methods to ensure that our guests receive the highest quality of food and beverage offerings.”

Rejuvenate your soul

“We are excited to share that our properties have undergone some interesting developments recently. We have also added new amenities such as spa centres and enhanced our technology offerings, including high-speed internet access and express check-in options to provide a seamless and hassle-free guest experience. They have recently completed a renovation of their guest rooms and public spaces, incorporating modern design elements and creating a refreshed ambience,” tells Shilpa.




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