The unparalleled luxury of MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts

MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts runs an array of luxurious hotels and resorts across India and is widely known for its majestic architecture, authentic hospitality and exquisite settings. Pooja Ray, Managing Director, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts shed some light on the marketing strategy and exciting upcoming projects.

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Pooja Ray

Filling the void with domestic tourists

The pandemic has drastically hit the travel and tourism industry, the inbound tourism volume is highly affected and even the numbers in regards to outbound has dropped too. “The outbound travellers are now bored of the confinement and they seek a vacation with a similar variety of facilities. So, by inculcating themes that vary from an island resort at Raipur with a golf course, to the first tea resort in Siliguri, great heritage boutique hotels, a casino resort in Gangtok and excellent beach resorts in Puri and Gopalpur, the potential traveller is spoilt for choice and this helps us to fill the void left by the inbound travellers and thereby sustain the economic downtrend”.

Technology is King

Technology is playing an important role in the travel and tourism industry. The digital trends have actually influenced the travel pattern which used to exist earlier. “Technology has made communications faster, easier and more personalised. Overnight online reservation systems, reviews, hotel information and facilities are all accessible instantly to the customer. Social media has played up to the hilt and marketing a good product is now as easy and informal. Ordering food products through online ordering has been made really feasible while techniques such as hydroponics have ensured herbs earlier restricted to cold places can now grow in a created environment where the season is no longer a criterion for production of edible and rare products”.

 Rethink and revive

The pandemic has been a great lesson for many of us, in the personal as well as professional front. It did provide us with an opportunity to rethink and revive. “The major learning experience from the pandemic is a reorientation in thinking and operations of traditional hospitality methods. Accent on extreme hygiene, multi-skilling with optimum staff strength, the introduction of immune building and healthy menus and ensuring the least personal contact services while not compromising traditional warmth are new thought processes that have  been post-pandemic fallouts in a positive way”.

Expansion in the Northeast

MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts is synonymous with lavish and world-class hospitality, every hotel and resort offers an authentic hospitality experience. The luxury hotels and resorts is a destination in itself and their enchanting settings makes it a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. “We are in the process of expanding more in the northeast in tier I cities such as Guwahati. This is recast in a format where we get into management contracts for the first time and in this format boundary of operating hotels across the country have no limits and gradually a pan Indian presence is likely to be established”.

Exploring tier II and III cities

The world-class hospitality and the array of experience Mayfair offers to its guests have established this luxury chain strongly in the market. “Over the last few years travellers from tier II and III cities have been high spending customers and are increasing in numbers every day. Towns such as Malda, Purnea, Katihar, Bhagalpur, etc, have immense and promising potential for discerning travellers. So, we are seriously exploring the possibilities of marketing and capturing the potential here”.

The resilient hospitality industry

The impact due to COVID is huge and the scenario seems to be unpredictable. The hospitality industry was badly hit but gradually with the opening of borders, the hotels are gearing up again. “The tidings may be tough for the hospitality industry during the current times, however, hoteliers are very resilient and will re-invent themselves to come out victorious sooner than expected. At MAYFAIR Hotels, we are re-engineering every aspect of our business to ensure cost optimisation while improving our service deliverables, which we believe, will benefit us today and forever”.


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