VFS Global: A legacy of 270 million applications

At VFS Global, the unwavering commitment to security and integrity stands as the cornerstone of their operations. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, they persistently strive for stringent identity verification measures. This dedication guarantees the utmost trustworthiness throughout the visa and passport application process, assuring their clients of a secure and reliable experience. With a focus on accessibility, security, and strategic partnerships, Prabuddha Sen, COO, South Asia, VFS Global shares that VFS aims to redefine seamless travel experiences across the globe.

Resilient travel and growing numbers

The travel and tourism industry in South Asia has exhibited consistent and remarkable double-digit percentage growth. This trend has been fortuitous for the industry, as evidenced by the escalating number of visa applications. The current figures of the industry align with the anticipated growth projections. Looking towards 2024, VFS anticipates maintaining this momentum as the travel and tourism sector continues to display resilience and buoyancy. Prabuddha shares, “Since our establishment in 2001, VFS Global has successfully processed over 270 million applications. This stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences for individuals worldwide.”

Bringing the world closer

Prabuddha shares about the expansion being done by VFS on every level and to different regions and says, “As we aim to fortify our presence in South Asia, we strategically expand our processing centres to cater to the escalating demand, especially from Tier II and Tier III cities and towns across India and the broader South Asian region.”

This proactive approach aligns with VFS’s commitment to providing convenient and accessible visa services to a broader population. On a global scale, VFS’s reach is extensive, serving over 70 client governments through a network of 3,300 visa application centres spread across 149 countries.

Targeting 240 Visa and VCAS centres for UK

“VFS Global has been a trusted partner of the UK Government since 2003 and has secured the global contract for providing overseas UK visa and citizenship services. In 2024, VFS Global plans to deploy 240 Visa and Citizenship Application Service (VCAS) Centres for the UK across 142 countries in Africa & the Middle East, the Americas, Australasia & Europe, China & Taiwan, and the Asia & Asia Pacific regions,” shares Prabuddha.

These centres will facilitate the acceptance of all categories of visa applications, along with UK passport applications in select locations. Collectively, these new centres are expected to process approximately 3.8 million applicants annually.

VFS Global: The unstoppable force

VFS is not stopping; they are taking additional steps to bring the visa application process even closer to their customers. Beyond geographical expansion, VFS is making significant investments in enhancing the overall customer journey. Ensuring security and integrity remains a paramount focus for VFS Global. They are committed to employing state-of-the-art technologies to maintain rigorous identity verification measures, thus guaranteeing the credibility of the visa and passport application procedures. The comprehensive approach underscores VFS Global’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the sustained success of their role as a trusted partner in global mobility.

“In 2024, VFS Global will expand its presence by launching UK application centres in an additional 84 countries. This extension underlines our dedication to offering accessible and efficient visa services on a global scale,” Shares Prabuddha.

Embracing AI

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, there’s recognition of the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on daily life and technological interactions. AI’s impact extends beyond just technology, reshaping how industries operate and how individuals engage with information, marking a pivotal shift in the way we perceive and interact with the world.

“We are developing a robust and comprehensive AI strategy, acknowledging its multifaceted advantages. Our goal is to establish ourselves as leaders and pioneers in strategically integrating Artificial intelligence,” he adds.

Accessibility for seasonal demand

VFS Global’s advanced IT systems proficiently manage high volumes of visa applications without delays. Dedicated support teams promptly address any technical issues during operational hours. To enhance the customer experience, their intuitive websites and chatbot services provide swift access to relevant information. Additionally, they have bolstered capacity at Visa Application Centres to accommodate seasonal demand.

Prabuddha shares, “Our holistic approach ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction, further solidifying VFS Global’s leadership in providing hassle-free and accessible visa services worldwide. At VFS Global, our commitment lies in delivering seamless experiences.”

Vision for 2024

VFS Global’s strategic partnerships with hotels in key locations, including India, UAE, and the USA, enable them to establish premium application centres on these premises. This initiative is pivotal in extending their services to cities that currently lack a Visa Application Centre 2.

Their commitment to adaptability is evident as they continually assess the situation and determine the feasibility of offering services based on the demand from these centres.

Prabuddha concludes and says, “As we look ahead to 2024, we are excited to explore numerous more strategic partnerships that will resonate with our mission of delivering convenient and premium visa services across the world.”


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