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The landscape engulfed with spectacular topography, opulent forts, invigorating wildlife, and century-old caves and temples, Madhya Pradesh has thousands of hues to satiate travellers thrust looking for experiences.

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If you have an appetite for experiences then Madhya Pradesh is the perfect treat to satisfy your quench. Madhya Pradesh has always positioned itself uniquely; the creative approach inherited by the state has astonished travellers from every segment. The state has diligently positioned itself as a preferred destination offering an array of experiences catching up with the latest travel trends. The magnificent heritage sites and their history, enlightening culture and its rich art forms along with the thrilling jungle experience make Madhya Pradesh a one-stop destination for Indian as well as international travellers. 

Let the exploration begin

Whether you are a travel enthusiast or someone who admires arts and architecture, or someone who wants to explore wildlife, Madhya Pradesh is the answer to your quest. A perfect blend of experiences, Madhya Pradesh is an amalgamation of thrill and serenity. Madhya Pradesh is home to six tiger reserves which makes it an apt destination for wildlife enthusiasts, go for an adventurous safari and enjoy animal sightings. From the mystic jungles to the free-flowing river, Madhya Pradesh entertains all segments of travellers. Adventure junkies can choose from the thrilling river rafting in Orchha, parasailing and paragliding in Panchmarhi, trekking in Kalakund Forest in Indore.

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has been aggressively promoting the hidden treasures of the state. Their innovative creative ideas have always put them at the forefront. Talking about such extraordinary experiences, Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, says, “Madhya Pradesh is rich of natural resources having forest, hills, rivers, and water bodies. It gives ample opportunities for adventure tourism, water tourism, wildlife tourism for the tourist. Culturally whole State could be divided into six cultural zones ie, Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand, Mahakaushal, Nimad, Chambal and Malwa. Each cultural zone is having its own culture, local foods, games which can provide different experiences to the visitors.”

The majestic temples of Khajuraho, the heritage history of Orchha, Mandu, Chanderi, the sacred temple in Ujjain, a spiritual landmark in Sanchi, the natural splendour in Jabalpur, well, the list is long but, experiences are endless. Shri Sheo Shekhar further mentions, “To give different experiences to its visitors as well as to preserve and promote the local culture and natural resources the MPTB has started Madhya Pradesh Responsible Tourism Mission. The mission is comprising different projects i.e. Rural Tourism, Tribal Tourism, Responsible Souvenir development (Art & Craft), Agri-tourism, Astro Park, Accessibility Audit & awareness program to facilitate especially abled tourists etc.”

Make yourself comfortable

The aura of  Madhya Pradesh is different; apart from the tourist attractions in the state, it houses some of the amazing hotels and resorts which is an experience in itself. The heritage properties such as Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Ahilya Fort Heritage Hotel, Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, (to name a few) offer a royal stay in the land of Madhya Pradesh. Many luxury brands have also forayed into the market and are committed to offering a comfortable and luxurious stay. Gaurav Rege, General Manager, Jehan Numa Palace adds, “Reputed hotel brands opening up their units in MP will only boost the overall quality of services a guest receives. Each local hotel unit has its own uniqueness, which its owners are well aware of. Focussing on those strengths will only make such units better and preferred amongst travellers.” He further mentions, “Our entire clientele is in the luxury segment. As a hotel company, we operate in the 5- star segment and have not dropped our rates even when COVID struck. Five years ago, leisure travellers were just 7 per cent of our business mix. This segment has seen steady growth over the years into double digits. Post covid, corporate travellers have dropped drastically and, the leisure segments are now accounting for almost 50 per cent of our bookings.”

With so many properties opening up in the state, healthy competition can be felt in the market. Speaking on the same Gita Choudhary, Founder, Terra Tales Hotel Marketing, mentions, “It is bound to be competitive. The good thing is that the travellers and tourists will have a range of options to choose from and the establishments are bound to offer the best to attract them and retain them for a longer period. I wish to add one more point i.e. varied experiences have encouraged smaller players to enter the fray as well. This will act as a boon to budget travellers or tourists with a limited budget but willingness to explore something unusual and incredible.”

What sells the best?

Madhya Pradesh has an abundance of experiences making it a hotspot destination for Indian and international travellers. Anil Dwivedi, Managing Director, Quality India Tours, says, “While creating an itinerary for Madhya Pradesh we intend to offer utmost experiences to our guests. Madhya Pradesh has many aspects which are yet to be explored; it is one of the hidden jewels of India. Apart from adventure and history, MP has many offerings such as rural life, tribal culture, one can enjoy bicycle tours, and also MP is a perfect destination for rejuvenation and relaxation. We create tailor-made itineraries and individual itineraries to suit individual needs and interests.”

The upcoming experiential journeys

There is a plan to develop 100 Rural Tourism villages in the State over the period of three years. Currently, implementation has been started in 60 villages of Madhya Pradesh.  These villages will be able to provide various rural experiences to the visitors. They will have a stay facility at villages where owner-based services will be given. They can visit the village, interact local community, experience local food, folk dance and songs, local excursion. They can also experience the local games being played by the community. They may also experience the local arts and can buy souvenirs.

Another important project being implemented by the tourism department is ‘Safe Tourism Destination for Women’ in Madhya Pradesh. The project will help to maximise the security of women travellers (solo and group both) at the selected destinations of MP. The project will also focus to increase the number of working women at destinations by skilling them. It will enhance the number of tourists as well as their experiences in MP.


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