Seychelles lifts the state of emergency

Seychelles lifted the state of emergency on Thursday, 7th December, after nearly 12 hours, signalling confidence in the success of efforts to restore normalcy. Authorities emphasise their commitment to maintaining control by proactively addressing situations and prioritising the safety of citizens and visitors.

Throughout the day, numerous agencies have worked together to ensure the safety and well-being of both residents and tourists in Seychelles in the wake of the recent explosion in the Providence industrial area on Mahe, and the landslip and flooding that hit the northern part of the main island. The Tourism Department has confirmed that no tourists have been harmed, despite some establishments in the Beau Vallon and Bel Ombre regions having sustained damages. The National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC), in collaboration with respective government agencies and the Seychelles Red Cross, has conducted thorough assessments of the affected areas, reassuring that Seychelles remains safe. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr Sylvestre Radegonde, stated, “We want to reassure the public, especially our visitors boarding a flight to our islands, that Seychelles remains a safe destination.

The government has taken extensive measures to address any potential hazards and to restore normalcy to the affected areas. Our dedicated first responders and emergency services have been working around the clock to mitigate the impact of the disaster and provide assistance to those in need.” While emergency services were deployed promptly to affected areas to address immediate concerns and assist residents and visitors, the Tourism Department has been in touch with establishments on Mahe to monitor the situation on-site and provide support wherever required. The Minister also thanked tourism industry partners for their support to their fellow colleagues, individuals and families affected by the disaster. Regular updates will be provided through official communication channels, including our destination social media platforms and press releases, to keep the public informed about ongoing recovery efforts and safety measures. Minister Radegonde expressed that he is confident that with the collective support of the local community during these challenging times, Seychelles will rebuild and emerge stronger.


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