82 Vande Bharat train services operational across Indian Railways

82 Vande Bharat train services are operating across the Indian Railways, connecting states having Broad Gauge (B.G.) electrified networks. Besides, provision of stoppage of train services and introduction of new train services, including Vande Bharat, are ongoing processes on Indian Railways subject to traffic justification, operational feasibility, resource availability, etc. Train-wise and state-wise revenue generated is not maintained.

Sectional speed over 10981 route kilometres covering Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) & Diagonal routes and other ‘B’ routes has been raised to 130 kmph. Further, works for raising of sectional speed to 160 kmph on existing New Delhi-Mumbai (including Vadodara-Ahmedabad) and New Delhi-Howrah (including Kanpur-Lucknow) routes have been taken up. During the Financial year 2022-23, overall occupancy of Vande Bharat trains is 96.62%.

The improved version of Vande Bharat trains presently running over the Indian Railway network with enhanced safety features, faster acceleration, better ride index and passenger amenities, such as Automatic Plug Doors, Reclining Ergonomic Seats, Comfortable Seating with revolving seats in executive class, Mobile charging sockets for every seat, etc. and is fitted with KAVACH system.


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