Accor Partners with Beautiful Destinations

Global hospitality leader, Accor, has joined forces with leading content studio, Beautiful Destinations, to launch a groundbreaking campaign that uses video content to inspire wanderlust and reinforce brand love. The project, titled “For ALL The Travellers In You,” leverages innovative storytelling and dynamic content creation to showcase Accor’s leading brands and immersive destinations.

Whilst Asia, the Pacific, Middle East, and Africa serve as the launchpad for the global activation of the project, with captivating content already making waves online, the campaign is set to expand across the globe, creating content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Accor’s transformative initiative is not merely about marketing; it is about revolutionising how the hospitality industry connects with consumers. Recognising the limitations of conventional static imagery in capturing the essence of ALL – Accor Live Limitless, Accor’s lifestyle loyalty program, and the invaluable contributions of its employees, the company sought a partner who could bring its vision to life. Beautiful Destinations – a multi-award-winning strategy, creative, and content studio with one of the world’s largest and most influential online travel communities – was the perfect collaborator for Accor’s ambitious project.

Together, Accor and Beautiful Destinations are reshaping consumer perceptions and enhancing brand visibility through dynamic, personalised content creation. With a combined social media following of over 32 million across two of its platforms (Beautiful Destinations with 26 million followers and Beautiful Hotels with 6 million followers on Instagram), the partnership has vast reach. The project’s thematic focus, “From Dawn to Dusk,” spans 21 Asian, Pacific, and Middle Eastern destinations and 67 hotels so far with another 20 destinations in the pipeline, showcasing culturally rich experiences within and beyond Accor’s properties. This strategic partnership aims not only to inspire wanderlust, but also to foster deep audience connections and amplify Accor’s digital brand presence.

The pioneering campaign harnesses the power of video content, leveraging the fact that video is 80 percent more memorable than text or images. This multimedia approach taps into emotions with storytelling that static content cannot match, resonating with the 85 percent of Asia-Pacific users who watch at least one video when planning their leisure trips. Today’s digital travel inspiration and planning encompass a variety of platforms, with short-form video consumption on the rise, evidenced by the robust growth of TikTok and the popularity of reels and shorts on popular channels such as Meta and YouTube.

In addition to the “From Dawn to Dusk” content, the partnership resulted in more than 2,000 high- quality photos, over 400 15-second cutdowns, and more than 400 vertical videos (5-15 seconds) so far. The campaign’s versatile content can be used to enhance event experiences, during member recruitment efforts, and as compelling brand pitch tools for partners and sales.

The collaboration goes beyond content creation; it encompasses distribution strategies that drive bookings, brand recognition and engagement. By leveraging Beautiful Destinations’ expertise in travel content and Accor’s extensive portfolio of brands and hotels, the partnership ensures that every piece of content serves a purpose, resonating with audiences and driving tangible business outcomes. The pilot phase elevated Accor’s marketing efforts, portraying its hotels as immersive destinations and reshaping consumer perceptions.

Over 1,000 dedicated Accor employees supported the initiative, with 300 actively participating as models, showcasing their talents and exemplary service. This collaborative effort reflects Accor’s unified spirit and shared values, fostering cohesion among employees while empowering the group to communicate its brand narrative effectively.

Kerry Healy, Chief Commercial Officer, Middle East, Africa, Turkey & Asia Pacific, Premium, Midscale & Economy, expressed her excitement about the initiative: “We are incredibly excited about this groundbreaking initiative, which represents a pivotal moment for Accor in revolutionising hospitality marketing. Partnering with Beautiful Destinations brings an unparalleled level of reach, innovation, and stunning visual aesthetic to our campaign. With their extensive social media following and reputation for creating captivating content, we have a unique opportunity to showcase Accor’s leading brands and destinations to a global audience. This collaboration enables us to not only drive increased revenue and occupancy rates, but also to establish lasting connections with travellers around the world.”

 Jeremy Jauncey, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Beautiful Destinations, shared his thoughts about the partnership: “We could not be prouder to have partnered with Accor in such a deep and meaningful way to support their marketing efforts and create content across Asia, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. It is widely understood that many guests now begin their travel planning on social media and with video content, so to provide what guests need at each stage of the consideration funnel, Accor is leading the way in hospitality marketing by launching such a comprehensive content strategy.”

 With Accor’s “For ALL The Travellers In You” campaign set to deliver tangible business outcomes, including heightened revenue and occupancy rates, the brand’s dedication to sustainability and exceptional guest experiences will be prominently highlighted. The campaign underscores the group’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and guest satisfaction, reaffirming its position as a trailblazer in the hospitality industry.

An example of Accor’s “For ALL The Travellers In You” campaign video in different Asian, Pacific, and Middle Eastern destinations can be viewed here. For images of the campaign, please click here for Asian destinations; here for Middle Eastern destinations; and here for Pacific destinations.



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