udChalo Launches ‘Suraksha 2.0’ to safeguard Air Passengers

udChalo, a leading consumer tech firm, has launched its global first initiative ‘Suraksha 2.0‘ which aims to financially protect air travellers in case of unforeseen disruptions to their travel schedule. The ‘Suraksha 2.0‘ ensures that flyers receive a 100% refund of their ticket price in the event of any disruption caused by the airline, including situations like airline bankruptcy. Beyond this, the scheme offers refunds to consumers in cases of disruption due to travel uncertainty, adverse weather conditions, hospitalisation/ailments/injuries etc. i.e., pertinent to the armed forces lifestyle.

In the last decade, India has seen over 10 airlines grounded due to various reasons, including financial instability. In recent times and past as well we have seen giant Airlines like Jet Air and Go First filing bankruptcy overnight. These incidents have led to significant losses for passengers who have invested their hard-earned money in air travel and impacted the trust of passengers. udChalo with this noble initiative has decided to cover any future delinquency to ensure that passengers are financially safeguarded.

Speaking about the launch of the ‘Suraksha 2.0’, Mr Ravi Kumar, founder and CEO udChalo said, “At udChalo, we understand that air travel can be a challenging experience for passengers due to the increasing unpredictability of airlines. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and ensure they are protected from any financial losses or mental anxiety, regardless of any situation that affects their travel schedule. To this end, we have launched the ‘Suraksha 2.O’ a new product designed to provide peace of mind to defense air travellers, particularly in these unpredictable times. With ‘Suraksha 2.0,’ our customers can travel worry-free, knowing they are protected against any airline delinquency and unforeseen circumstances.”  

He added, “During the Jet Airways crisis in 2019, udChalo was the only travel agent that refunded 100% of the money to its customers. After the Jet Airways issue, we launched Suraksha to safeguard the interest of travellers. This is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Building on this foundation, we are proud to offer the ‘Suraksha 2.0’ an ironclad financial protection plan for all air travellers ensuring their air travel experience is stress-free and protected against all uncertainties.”

The scheme applies to anyone who has made a booking on udChalo Website, App, M-Site, Booking office, or Franchise Partner.


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