Air India Express introduces exclusive Priority Services

For a more seamless travel experience at Indian airports, India’s low-cost airline Air India Express has started providing exclusive priority services to passengers. Additionally, clients flying on AirAsia India, which plans to merge with Air India Express, can pre-book the service.

In an effort to improve the overall passenger travel experience, Air India Express recently announced its own priority service, “Xpress Ahead.” Currently, the services can be purchased for a little cost only at Indian airports for international flights run by Air India Express.

A dedicated check-in station at the airport, priority baggage handling, priority boarding, and accelerated baggage delivery upon arrival are just a few of the many priority services and privileges offered by the programme, which guarantees a smooth journey from check-in to landing.

Additionally, until the counter closes, Air India Express lets customers simply add “Xpress Ahead” services at the airport check-in counter. Soon, the complete Air India Express network will offer the ability to pre-book “Xpress Ahead” on foreign flights online.

Notably, sibling airline AirAsia India of the Air India Group can also use the service. Passengers of the carrier can pre-book “Xpress Ahead” services at any domestic airport, on the consolidated airline website, or through the mobile app.


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