AlUla Airport to welcome international flights

AlUla International Airport has now been approved to receive international flights. The airport has been extensively upgraded, allowing it to welcome more passengers and planes in greater comfort and security than ever before as the fifth largest airport in Saudi Arabia.  Welcoming direct international flights is a key element in the development of AlUla as a global tourism destination.

The airport’s annual capacity has increased by 300% from 100,000 to 400,000 passengers per year across a total area of 2.4 million sq mts. This allows accommodation of up to 15 commercial aircraft at a time and large spaces for secondary aircraft corridors and a service yard.

Upgraded passenger facilities will now welcome visitors and returning residents, including an executive lounge equipped with the latest technologies. Local materials were used throughout the construction of the passenger terminal and its palette was inspired by the natural colours of AlUla itself.

Getting To AlUla

AlUla is well connected to India with direct flights from all major hubs of India into Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. Saudia Airlines and Flynas have onward flights to AlUla’s Prince Abdul Majeed Bin Abdulaziz Airport (ULH).  The airport is located just 35 km (a 30-minute drive) from the city centre.

For road trippers, AlUla is a three-hour drive from both Medina to the south and Tabuk to the north by car. If you are looking for an adventure and have more time to explore, longer road trips from Jeddah and Riyadh are a great way to explore some of Saudi Arabia’s other destinations on the way to AlUla.


Once borders open, Indians with a valid UK, USA and Schengen visa is eligible for a visa on arrival if they fly on a Saudi national carrier – Saudia Airlines.  Other travellers will have to contact the nearest Consulate or Embassy for their visa.



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