Canada has announced a two-year limit on visas for international students

International student admissions will henceforth be limited to two years, according to a groundbreaking policy announced by Canadian Immigration Minister Marc Miller. Speaking at an Ottawa press conference, Miller said that this action attempts to rectify what he sees as an exploitative system in which expensive tuition for overseas students frequently leads to a mediocre education.

This year, the new cap will result in a 35% overall decrease in the number of new study visas issued; some provinces, including Ontario, will see even more significant reductions topping 50%.

The government will also forbid students attending universities using a private-public model from applying for postgraduate work permits starting on September 1. This policy is anticipated to control post-study employment prospects and guarantee systemic equity.

Furthermore, spouses of students participating in master’s and doctoral programs, as well as professional schools like law and medicine, will be the only ones eligible for open work permits in the upcoming weeks.

While admitting that the immigration system’s problems may not have been resolved as quickly as hoped, Minister Miller emphasized the federal government’s dedication to working with the provinces.

Concerns regarding immigration’s potential effects on Canada’s ongoing housing crisis have prompted this declaration, which coincides with an increased attention on immigration. Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the Conservative Party, commented, implying that there would be a housing shortage if more families arrive than there is available accommodation.


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