Commercial daily flights between Chennai and Jaffna begin

The skies between Chennai and Sri Lanka’s thriving Jaffna metropolis have become increasingly more accessible, which is a great development for travellers. In order to improve travel and commerce ties between the two nations, India’s Alliance Air increased its flight frequency from four times per week to daily service. Therefore, this flawless air link offers doors to amazing experiences, whether you’re itching to explore Chennai’s dynamic streets or dive into Jaffna’s rich cultural heritage.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Union Minister of Civil Aviation, announced the increase in flight frequency while speaking at the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) annual convention in Colombo.

With daily commercial flights operating between Chennai and the northern region’s Jaffna International Airport (JIA), the possibility for seamless travel and cultural interchange has increased dramatically. Aruna Rajapaksa, the chief airport manager, welcomed the inaugural flight as it landed in Jaffna, along with a wave of excitement. The trips, which are run by Alliance Air, make use of their ATR72 aircraft, which can easily fit up to 70 passengers. Travellers can take advantage of easy travel alternatives created to fit their schedules, with prompt arrivals at 11:30 am and departures to Chennai at 12:30 pm.

According to a press statement from Sri Lanka’s Airport and Aviation Services, Alliance Air will begin daily scheduled operations between Jaffna and Chennai on July 16, 2023. The decision to increase the number of flights from the initially anticipated four per week to a daily service was driven by the demand for flights to Jaffna. The increased interest in discovering Jaffna’s attractions and immersing oneself in its rich Tamil culture is reflected in the improvement of in-flight connectivity.

With Indian assistance, the Jaffna International Airport was built to serve both internal and international travellers. It has now developed into a thriving centre. A noteworthy accomplishment was the restart of flight operations between Chennai and Jaffna in December 2022 following a pause brought on by the epidemic. It signalled the resurgence of tourism, a key source of foreign exchange profits for Sri Lanka that had been adversely affected by the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 issue.



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