CSMIA upgrades Pre-Embarkation security check station at T2

The Pre-Embarkation Security Check (PESC) facility at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has recently undergone considerable extension.

On March 27, 2023, the first phase of this project was completed, adding eight new security lanes, one of which was a brand-new domestic-to-domestic (D2D) transfer facility. The goal of the project’s second phase was to improve the user experience by more than doubling the PESC’s processing capacity.

With the addition of the infrastructure, the CSMIA now has 328 square metres of freshly constructed domestic transfer security check space in addition to the 5,735 square metres of dedicated space for security screening. One of the largest in the nation, the newly constructed PESC now offers a contiguous processing space of about 2,075 square metres.

“We are excited to announce the commissioning of eight new security lanes and the expansion of our integrated pre-embarkation security check,” stated a CSMIA representative during the event. “This infrastructure upgrade will significantly increase the T2 processing capacity at CSMIA and give all of our passengers a faster, safer travel experience. These additional facilities, in our opinion, will help us uphold our commitment to giving the best services to our passengers.”

Smooth passenger mobility is made possible in large part by the increased facility. The CSMIA has created priority lanes for older persons, passengers with children or newborns, and passengers with special needs in order to further improve the experience at this touchpoint. Goodness Champions (Services Specialists) have also been deployed to direct passengers.



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