CSMIA’S Terminal 1 witnesses 94,716 passenger traffic in one week of resuming operations

With the resumption of flight operations from CSMIA’s Terminal 1 (T1), the terminal observed 94,716 passengers(total passengers), with 46,187passengers at arrival and 48,529 passengers at departure between October 13 to October 20. Besides, 730 flights operated in this one week, including Go First, Star Air, Air AsiaIndiaand Tru Jet.

The first week of T1 resuming operations saw passenger traffic during 57,382 weekdays and on 37,334 weekends. New Delhi, Goa and Bengalurudestinations contributed to the highest passenger traffic of which 19%, 29% and 20%respectivelyfrom T1during the week. Moreover, with the steady rise in the number of passengers choosing to travel by air and with the festive season in commencement, CSMIA will be seeing an upward trajectory of IndiGo flights operating out of T1 from October 31st with subset series 6E 5200 to 6E 5399 (as on date), to further smoothen passenger transit. 

Recently, CSMIA handled a record passenger movement of 91,904 travellers on 17th, October 2021, transiting through the airport in a single day. CSMIA being one of the world’s busiest single crossover runway airports witnessed nearly after one and a half years the highest movement since 23rd March 2020. CSMIA observed a total of 75,944 domestic and international passengers travelling through Terminal 2 (T2) with 37,315 passengers at arrival and 38,629 passengers at departure. Whereas over 15,960 passengers travelled through Terminal 1(T1) with 7,690 departing passengers and 8,270 passengers arriving. On this day, CSMIA’s Terminal 1 catered to a total of 114 domestic flights whereas T2 catered to a total of 494 flights of which 415 were domestic and 79 flights on the international route.

With an aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the passengers, CSMIA has implemented all the guidelines laid down by the Government. Besides, the security team at CSMIA continues to explore avenues to further enhance the efficiency, safety and security of its passengers for a seamless and hassle-free transit through the airport.


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