DigiYatra to be operational at Chennai Airport next month

Chennai is set to join the list of 14 airports across the country where DigiYatra will be implemented next month, as announced by Suresh Khadakbhavi, CEO, DigiYatra Foundation. This innovative system, utilising facial recognition technology, aims to streamline the passenger experience by reducing wait times during airport entry and security procedures. Originally scheduled for launch in Chennai on March 31, the rollout was postponed due to pending approval from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).

Khadakbhavi highlighted the significant growth and positive reception of DigiYatra, with over 20 million users benefiting from its seamless travel solutions in the past year. Currently operational in 14 airports, DigiYatra is poised to expand to an additional 14 airports in the upcoming month, as shared during the Future Aviation Forum in Riyadh. The focus is now shifting towards international travel, with plans for prototype testing on e-passport-based enrollment expected to commence soon, pending discussions with relevant ministries and stakeholders.

Khadakbhavi noted that approximately 50% of passengers in selected Indian airports are utilising DigiYatra, with adoption rates ranging from 30-40% in major airports. This indicates a growing acceptance and utilisation of the digital travel facilitation system among air travellers in the country.


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