Fully vaccinated Indian travellers can now travel to Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Council has initiated the process of accepting visas for Switzerland from several countries including India, the embassy of Embassy Switzerland based in New Delhi announced on Monday. “The Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi is currently accepting all visa categories for persons coming from third countries such as India…who can prove that they have been fully vaccinated.” the Embassy said.

Apart from this, Switzerland made it clear that travellers from India and other countries will have to follow quarantine and other mandatory COVID-19 protocols in Switzerland. The announcement has been made for issuing a Schengen visa (Type C) for Switzerland for people willing to travel the country.

“Entry restrictions continue to apply to foreign nationals who are not fully vaccinated with CHE, EU and WHO recognized vaccines and are without rights of free movement, entering from risk countries or regions and who do not belong to any of the exceptional categories of the COVID-19,” the embassy said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the embassy also highlighted that the Swiss Government has decided to temporarily increase the service fee for Visa applications.

“It’s decided to temporarily increase the service fee for Visa applications in Visa Application Centers (VAC) of External Service Providers (ESP) due to supplementary expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Embassy added.

This announcement has come in the backdrop of European Union’s (EU) notifying Digital COVID Certificate or those who have been vaccinated. According to the rules, travellers who have taken the Covishield, manufactured by Pune-based SII won’t be eligible for the European Union ‘Green Pass’.


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