Gandhisagar Floating Festival to be held from 27th Oct and Kuno Forest Festival from 1st Dec

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is organising two new mega festivals in the coming two months for the tourists of the country and the state.  Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture and Managing Director Tourism Board Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla said that Kuno Forest Festival is being organised for the first time from December 1 to celebrate the state’s rich culture and diverse wildlife.  Before this, the second edition of Gandhi Sagar Floating Festival will be organized from 27th October.  There will be cultural programs and an unmatched experience of exciting activities in the festivals being organized by the Tourism Department and Forest Department in collaboration with Lalluji & Sons.  The tent city has been developed to provide a luxury glamping experience, along with various activities to promote local art and culture.  On this occasion, Chief Wildlife Warden Shri Aseem Shrivastava said that the message of wildlife conservation will be spread through these festivals.  The message of wildlife conservation will make more and more people aware through a chain reaction.  Through these festivals, people will get to know the wildlife closely and understand their important role in the eco system of nature.

Gandhi Sagar Floating Festival
The second edition of the Gandhi Sagar Floating Festival will be held from October 27 on the serene backwaters of Gandhi Sagar near Mandsaur.  This festival located near Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary will be a perfect amalgamation of adventure, entertainment and culture.  One can enjoy exciting activities like kayaking, jet skiing, hot air ballooning, horse riding, air gun shooting, speed boating, parasailing and other recreational activities.  During the jungle safari, you will also get a chance to see the rich wildlife of the area.  The cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh will be promoted with traditional art, cultural programs and delicious dishes.  At Gandhisagar Forest Retreat (Tent City), tourists will be able to experience luxury glamping in well-equipped and all-weather tents.

Kuno Forest Festival
The Kuno Forest Festival, starting from 1st December, will take you on an exciting journey.  After the arrival of cheetahs again in India after about 72 years, this festival will give you the best experience of the beauty of the forests through Kuno National Park.  Sheopur Fort, Dob Kund and ancient caves dating back to the Mughal period will bring you back to life.  Here you can learn about the wildlife through guided safaris, and see leopards, deer, bluebucks and migratory birds present in the area.  Kuno Festival will not just be an adventure but a memorable experience to last a lifetime.

Tent Cities- Enjoying a home away from home
Both Kuno Forest Festival and Gandhi Sagar Floating Festival will provide you a new experience. In luxury tent cities built amidst nature, you will be able to experience a modern and comfortable lifestyle amidst the beautiful natural scenes of Madhya Pradesh.


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