Giving a pang of nostalgia to the millennial generation, Indian Artisans created the first ‘Memoir Suite’ at Noor Mahal

Studies worldwide have found Millennials as the most nostalgic generation ever. Their quest to revisit the past with flashbacks and time hops is inspiring the new age brands to create unique experiences driving their nostalgic senses. In its endeavor to give a pang of nostalgia to this millennial generation, Noor Mahal Palace Hotel (Karnal), one of the most iconic palatial hotels in India, has launched a uniquely themed accommodation for its guests – The Memoir Suite. A first of its kind in the world, Memoir Suite is a unique piece of artwork beautified with internationally popular and cherished characters from Ringmaster, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and others to take millennials on an exceptional nostalgic journey.

What makes it even more precious is that artisans from Jodhpur who have conserved and promoted their rare art for many generations have executed the beautiful and unique creations that adorn the walls of The Memoir Suite. The coming together of these two very distinctive concepts is probably the first in the world. Memoir Suite is the result of the dedication of over months by committed artisans and Roop Partap Choudhary who created exquisite artworks that brought childhood fantasies and folklore to life. A wave of childhood nostalgia sweeps over the guests as they enter The Memoir Suite. Moreover, with this a spellbinding intricate work capturing attention and ultimate Indian royal luxury welcomes.

Sharing about this new offering for guests, Roop Partap Choudhary, Managing Director, Noor Mahal said, “Through the years our uniqueness and passion has been recognised by the millennial generation. They have motivated us to innovate and reach newer heights by sharing their appreciation with us and staying connected with us continuously. This has always inspired us to curate distinguished experiences for them. Memoir Suite is dedicated to our millennial guests who have created so many cherished memories at Noor Mahal and have given us the honour of being a part of their cherished time. With Memoir Suite we want them to get transported into the wonderful world of fantasies and remember the treasured memories of childhood associated with stories that made us smile. Memoir Suite embodies a truly international experience with the soul of Indian art and warm hospitality. The Memoir Suite is a unique accommodation proposition and we believe it would become very popular in millennials.”

Price of this unique Indian Royal accommodation is on Request. The suite is filled with artefacts that compliments the ornate work of the artisans. Living in the midst of all this brilliance and childhood memories that are so bright and distinct is an experience in itself.


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