Goa tops India’s bucket list in 2022:OYO Travelopedia

OYO’s second part of its annual travel trend report OYO Travelopedia, brings to you what’s new and what’s coming in 2022. The insights in this report are based on consumer insights from its study on travel intent and expectations in 2022. Based on the consumer survey conducted in India, Europe and Indonesia, Goa tops charts as India’s favourite bucket list destination. In Indonesia, Bali emerged as the most wish-listed destination. In Europe, with a majority of respondents opting for Bornholm, the Danish island in the Baltic Sea ranked as Denmark’s top 2022 travel list. A vast majority of people in the Netherlands would love to travel to Austria this year.

From favourite travel companions, to top destination types and preferred accommodations, here’s a sneak peek on everything to travel in 2022. 


Now that our travel resolutions are sorted… What does travel look like in 2022?

In 2022, 61% Indians would prefer to go local and explore domestic destinations, while 25% would like the best of both worlds and try to take both, international and domestic trips.

We all have a favorite travel buddy. So who would you like to split your travel bills with in 2022?

37% respondents said they would like to travel with their spouses/partners, whereas 19% would love to take that much-awaited vacation with close friends. 16% said they would like to go on a family vacation, and 12% opted for solo backpacking. A good 16% of respondents said they would like it all!

Now that we know your travel companion, let’s address the make or break question – “View kya hai?”

No surprises here. A third of respondents would love an accommodation surrounded by nature. At 31%, this was very closely followed by travellers who prefer locations with lively nightlife. Other top attractions included the ones for the ‘tourist at heart’ kind of traveller, who chose proximity to tourist attractions like monuments, forts, etc. Attractions also included proximity to airports, train stations and food trails.

And finally, the top bucket list destination!

Watching the sunset, getting your feet wet at the beach, and sipping on cocktails. Sounds like a plan? Well, for most. Goa tops a third of the respondents’ 2022 bucket lists. This is followed by Manali, Dubai, Shimla and Kerala. Other international destinations on India’s bucket list include Maldives, Paris, Bali, Switzerland, among others.

Yes, people are excited to travel again. But safety continues to be key. OYO Travelopedia highlights that 85% respondents said that the arrival of vaccine boosters would definitely give them reassurance to travel.

India’s top bucket list destinations in 2022







In 2022, Europe is set to take more roadtrips with family and friends, followed by luxury travel. OYO Travelopedia also reveals that accommodation surrounded by nature ranked the topmost among consumers in Europe. Accommodations with proximity to monuments and forts ranked second in order of priority.

What’s on your bucket list, Europe? Denmark’s top bucket list destinations in 2022 include Bornholm, Italy, Denmark, Spain and Thailand. Top 5 destinations on Netherland’s bucket list include Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

Denmark’s top bucket list destinations in 2022







Netherland’s top bucket list destinations in 2022







As per the survey, a majority of respondents would like to take vacations twice a year on average. In Indonesia, a whopping 76% of respondents said that they would opt for domestic travel taking international trips. The survey also highlights that Indonesians prefer staying in cities or towns with historical significance. 72% of respondents admitted that they were guilty of spending long hours browsing travel content on social media. Nearly 80% said that they look for travel inspiration on social media, with Instagram emerging their go-to app. 79% Indonesians said they would feel much more confident to travel by strengthening their immunity against the virus with vaccine boosters. Indonesia’s bucket list includes Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Gunung and Bandung.

Indonesia’s top bucket list destinations in 2022








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