HNM Services and Sadda Pind join forces to redefine cultural hospitality in Amritsar, Punjab

Hospitality & Marketing Services (H&M services), a leading sales and marketing company, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Sadda Pind, a Punjabi Culture Living Village Museum located in Amritsar, Punjab. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations as they aim to redefine cultural hospitality and offer unparalleled experiences to locals and tourists alike.

About H&M Services: H&M Services, a privately owned full-service sales and marketing company, has emerged as a preferred partner for various businesses, including standalone ventures, hotel chains, spas, resorts, and many more. With a team of experts in travel, marketing, business development, and client servicing, H&M Services is committed to delivering success to its hospitality clients and partners by increasing business and ensuring a superior return on investment.

About Sadda Pind: Sadda Pind, spread across 12 acres of picturesque land, is a Punjabi Culture Living Village Museum that provides an authentic glimpse into Punjab’s rich heritage. Situated just 8 KM from the Golden Temple and 8 KM from the Airport in Amritsar, Sadda Pind is the brainchild of individuals with over 35 years of experience in hospitality and administration. It aims to redefine Punjabi culture and hospitality through commitment and world-class service.

What to Expect at Sadda Pind: Sadda Pind offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors, including:

  • A chance for the young to reconnect with their roots and understand the traditions and values of their forefathers.
    An opportunity for the elderly to reminisce about happier times.
    A true taste of Indian rustic lifestyle for foreign tourists.
    A one-stop destination for tourists from other states to experience the true essence of Punjab.

Visitors can immerse themselves in cultural performances, folk dances, local handicrafts, traditional arts and crafts workshops, songs, stories, and, of course, authentic Punjabi cuisine. Sadda Pind recreates a Punjabi village, allowing guests to see, participate, and interact with the local people and their vibrant culture.

Geeta Maheshwari, Owner at H&M Services, stated, “We are delighted to partner with Sadda Pind and bring this unique cultural experience to our existing and new customers. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to delivering exceptional hospitality solutions and creating memorable moments for our clients.”

Neeraj Gulati, Co-Founder from Sadda Pind added, “Sadda Pind is more than a destination; it’s a celebration of Punjab’s cultural richness. Partnering with H&M Services allows us to reach a broader audience and share the warmth and vibrancy of our culture with visitors from all walks of life.”

The partnership between H&M Services and Sadda Pind aims to create a synergy that enhances the cultural and hospitality landscape in Amritsar. Together, they will offer day packages and stay packages, providing visitors with a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.


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