India by IndiGo: Taking India Across New Frontiers

IndiGo, India’s preferred carrier, has significantly expanded its global reach through a series of new destination launches, route introductions, and partnerships. In the past six months alone, the airline has unveiled over 20 international flights which include new routes and resumptions within the 6E network. This provides a vast array of destinations for customers travelling to and from India, as well as those transiting through the country. The upcoming festive season not only makes it an exciting time for Indians to explore these new international destinations but also for international travellers to experience our rich culture on display during this period.

These expansions form a pivotal part of IndiGo’s long-term growth strategy, demonstrating dedication to broadening its global footprint. IndiGo has strategically expanded its international network and launched new routes to alluring destinations such as Jakarta, Nairobi, Almaty, Tashkent, Baku, and Tbilisi. With these destinations, IndiGo has marked its foray in Central Asia and Africa, while bolstering its presence in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, the airline has strengthened international networks from key cities like Hyderabad with new flights to Male, Colombo, Ras Al Khaimah, and Singapore. Ahmedabad’s connections with the Middle East were strengthened with new flights to Abu Dhabi and Jeddah. The airline also started operations between the new Manohar International Airport in Mopa, Goa to Abu Dhabi.  Additionally, the airline has reinstated flights from Delhi to Hong Kong and will recommence Delhi-Male operations w.e.f. November 01, 2023, providing passengers with greater travel options to popular destinations.

Along with these direct route expansions, IndiGo has further enhanced its reach across the globe with strategic codeshare partnerships with Turkish Airlines and British Airways, the UK’s second-largest airline. The alliance with Turkish Airlines offers seamless connectivity to 39 destinations, extending over Istanbul. This provides travellers access to North America, including destinations such as Chicago, Washington, Boston, New York, and San Francisco, 33 destinations in Europe, and Casablanca in Morocco, Africa.

IndiGo’s partnership with British Airways adds three additional routes to the latter’s existing network: Thiruvananthapuram, Rajkot, and Vadodara. These destinations are seamlessly accessible from London Heathrow via connecting flights in New Delhi or Mumbai.

In addition, IndiGo has strong codeshare partnerships with airlines such as Qantas, Air France, KLM, American Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, providing passengers with seamless connectivity to a host of international destinations and the largest network that covers more than 80 airports across India.

Mr Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo said, “International connectivity is a paramount focus and a cornerstone of our growth strategy. We now offer access to a total of 32 international destinations across Central and Southeast Asia, Africa along with the Middle East. To expand our reach even further we have strategic codeshare partnerships with 8 international airlines that have enhanced our global presence. With the upcoming festive season, these alliances usher in new possibilities for travellers, granting seamless access to a diverse array of international destinations. As we continue expanding our international network, we remain committed to delivering affordable, on-time, and hassle-free travel experiences across our unparalleled 6E network.”

Ranked as the seventh-largest airline globally in terms of daily departures, IndiGo boasts an extensive network connecting 32 international destinations, opening options not only for Indians to visit international destinations but also for international travellers to explore our culturally rich country.


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