India Food Tourism Organisations set its mark at the First UN Tourism Regional Forum

India Food Tourism Organization (IFTO) is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming UNWTO Gastronomy Tourism Conference, scheduled in Cebu, Philippines, on June 26-27, 2024. This prestigious event aims to bring together global leaders and stakeholders in the gastronomy tourism sector to discuss innovations, trends, and sustainable practices that can drive the future of food tourism.

The IFTO delegation will be led by President Dr Chef Rajeev Goyal and Hon. Secretary Ms. Shikha Gupta, accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Tourism, India. This high-profile representation underscores India’s commitment to promoting its rich culinary heritage and diverse food culture on an international platform.

Highlights of IFTO’s Participation:
1. Showcasing Indian Culinary Heritage: Dr. Chef Rajeev Goyal will present on the uniqueness and diversity of Indian cuisine, emphasizing how India’s culinary traditions can enhance global food tourism experiences.
2. Promoting Sustainable Practices: The delegation will highlight India’s efforts in sustainable food tourism, focusing on eco-friendly practices, farm-to-table experiences, and the support of local food producers.
3. Networking and Collaboration: This event offers a significant opportunity for IFTO to network with international counterparts, fostering collaborations that can lead to innovative tourism packages and initiatives benefiting both India and the global gastronomy tourism sector.
4. Policy and Development: Ministry of Tourism officials will engage in discussions on policy frameworks that can facilitate the growth of food tourism in India, sharing insights and learning from global best practices.

● Dr. Chef Rajeev Goyal, President, IFTO: “We are thrilled to represent India at the UNWTO Gastronomy Tourism Conference again. This platform allows us to share the depth of our culinary heritage and discuss how food tourism can be a powerful tool for cultural exchange and economic growth.”
● Ms. Shikha Gupta, Hon. Secretary, IFTO: “Our participation signifies a step forward in positioning India as a premier destination for food tourism. We look forward to fruitful discussions and collaborations that can benefit our local communities and promote sustainable tourism.”


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