India will introduce new National Tourism Policy

The nation has created an action plan, according to G. Kishan Reddy, Union Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Development of Northeast Region, to establish and promote shared themes like Buddhism, the Ramayana, and Himalayan heritage circuits that connect and resonate with partner nations.

Additionally, India has made a concerted effort to make economic, social, and environmental sustainability a top priority in its priorities and policies. According to a press release from his office, this will therefore play a significant role in the new National Tourism Policy that will be put into effect soon and which will greatly boost international tourism.

Speaking at the UN High Level Political Forum (UN HLPF), the Minister asserted that India has a lot to offer as one of the “few continuous living civilisations” that are still in existence today because of its emphasis on sustainability and peaceful cohabitation with environment.

He explained, “We are promoting ‘Travel for LIFE’ in line with the Lifestyle for Environment movement launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sensitise tourists and make them part of our efforts to take simple actions that can have significant impact on climate action and environment protection.

To guarantee that the next generation takes pride in the great cultural and geographic diversity of the country, youth tourism clubs are being founded in schools and colleges all around the nation.

According to Reddy, the nation has conducted G-20 meetings in 55 places around the nation to provide decision-makers a firsthand look at the wonder and beauty of India. All G-20 members supported the “Goa Declaration,” which focused on green tourism, digitalization, empowering youth with skills for jobs and entrepreneurship, nurturing start-ups, small businesses for innovation and dynamism, and destination management.

In line with the Prime Minister’s remarks, he stated that in addition to safeguarding rich cultural legacy, the tourism industry should also focus on building world-class infrastructure.



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