Indian Embassies in Israel, Palestine issue advisories to ‘remain vigilant’

As a full-scale war broke out between the ruling Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip and Israel, killing at least 498 people on both sides, the Indian Embassy in Jerusalem and the Representative Office of India in Palestine have issued advisories urging Indian citizens in those countries to “remain vigilant” and “directly contact the Office” in case of emergency.

According to the Israeli military, Hamas terrorists launched more than 2,000 rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip as they crossed into southern Israel by land, sea, and air using paragliders. Near the border, according to Hamas, it captured a number of Israeli soldiers.

In Israel, the unexpected attack left 200 people dead and more than 1,100 others injured. According to claims in the media, Israel’s assault caused 1,500 injuries and left 198 people dead on the Gaza Strip side.

All Indian citizens living in Israel are urged to exercise caution and follow all safety precautions recommended by local authorities in light of the country’s present security situation. In its alert, the Embassy urged people to exercise caution, refrain from needless activity, and hunker down close to emergency shelters.

The advise supplied URLs for Israeli Home Front Command and Preparedness pamphlets as well as pertinent phone numbers in case of an emergency.


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