Indore’s Devi Ahilyabai International Airport accepts e-visas now

In a relief to travellers, the Devi Ahilyabai International Airport in Indore will now accept electronic visas (e-visas), which was a long-standing demand.

“I am happy to inform you that the approval has been granted for acceptance of e-visas at the Devi Ahilyabai International Airport,” BJP’s Indore Lok Sabha member Shankar Lalwani told reporters on Friday.

Earlier, people travelling from foreign countries were not allowed to exit the airport and were sent back due to the unavailability of e-visa approval here, he said.

He further said that passengers will be able to avail the “Digi Yatra” facility at the time of entering the airport in the coming days.

The “Digi Yatra” facility ensures contactless and seamless movement of passengers at different checkpoints of airports through facial recognition technology (FRT).

The first direct international flight from Indore was launched for Dubai on July 15, 2019, and since then, there has been a demand for acceptance of e-visas.


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