International Kite Festival to start in Gujarat from 7th January

As Gujarat Tourism gets ready for the 33rd International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, get ready for a vibrant celebration! Kite lovers everywhere are anticipating the show along the picturesque Sabarmati Riverfront with much anticipation as the countdown to the event has begun.

The International Kite Festival, scheduled for January 7–14, 2024, promises to be a weeklong celebration full of colour, creativity, and friendship. This yearly celebration, which draws participants and viewers to see the skies decorated with a captivating array of kites, has come to represent Gujarat’s cultural character.

It’s not just about traditional Indian kite designs as we get ready for the 33rd International Kite Festival. The unique inventions from all around the world are welcomed at this festival, which has increased!

The day is drawing near, and the planners are preparing for an amazing party. Imagine enormous kites, nighttime aerobatics, and cultural events that are sure to create a lasting impression. Gujarat uses it as a means of embracing modernity and respecting tradition.

However, it goes beyond just kites taking to the air. Participants can participate in kite-making seminars, sample regional cuisine at food stands, and peruse a bustling marketplace. The festival’s main goal is to give everyone a lively, diverse experience!


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