FCM Meetings & Events India see more than a 30 per cent increase in requests for incentive trips

Incentive trips are making a comeback according to the flagship corporate travel arm of Flight Centre Travel Group. FCM Meetings & Events India has seen more than a 30 per cent increase in requests for incentive trips. Incentive trips also known as employee reward programs are used to boost employee engagement and productivity. It works by encouraging employees to improve their performance and reach goals and it is especially motivating for younger and mid-career employees.

“Incentive trips are a popular way to reward employees and now that travel is back in full swing, both companies and employees prefer incentive trips versus vouchers or cash-in-kind, said Manpreet Bindra, FCM Meetings & Events Leader, Asia.

“We have managed incentive trips for startups to large-scale enterprises including upcoming destinations like Vietnam, apart from the popular Thailand and Indonesia. If companies can confirm their group movements 6 months prior, they can stand to save more than 20 per cent in airfares with FCM.
“Our advice is always to book group movement 9 months in advance as fares for full-cost carriers are comparable to low-cost carriers.”

“The most popular destinations in Asia are Bangkok and Pattaya in tandem, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, and Colombo although Hong Kong and Macau are starting to gain traction again due to the increased air seat capacity as well as tourism marketing initiatives.”

“Companies are looking at destinations with both hotel and air seat capacity as well as the ease of visa procedures,” added Bindra.


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