Germany Ranks #1 in NBI international comparison for the sixth time in a row

– No other country has so far achieved the top position six times in a row since the first NBI survey in 2008
– Image survey supports sustainability strategy

In the Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) 2022, Germany has occupied the top position in the ranking for the sixth time in a row and for the eighth time the top position in the ranking of 60 countries since 2008. Germany thus holds a record: no other country has achieved. In second and third place this year are Japan and Canada. This means that Germany as a travel destination can build on its excellent image in the competition between nations, even under volatile conditions such as inflation, the economic crisis, the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, and geopolitical conflicts.

Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO): “In view of the current challenges, competition between destinations is becoming much fiercer. This makes a reliably strong image all the more important. The NBI, when analytically processed and linked to other studies, provides us with valuable information on the strategic direction of our evidence-based marketing. In the coming year, for example, we will be focusing on our key areas of activity – digitization and ecological transformation, we will continue to position Germany as a sustainable travel destination.”

Mentioning the Feel-good holidays and environmentally friendly travel, Mr. Romit Theophilus, Director, Sales & Marketing, India said ‘‘Wellness is an important topic in Germany and for Indians. Indian travelers are not only taking care of their own well-being but are also paying attention to the environment. In Germany, the demand for ecological tourism and sustainable travel is growing. Organic farms offer holiday rooms, and there are 106 nature parks and 16 biosphere reserves, of which great importance is attached to sustainable development and biodiversity. In order for everyone to be able to move around easily in Germany, countless initiatives ensure that the disabled too can travel without hindrance“.

In the tourism-relevant facets of the NBI 2022, Germany can boast above all “Historic Buildings”, “Vibrant Cities” and “Contemporary Culture” (rank 7 each) as well as “Cultural Heritage” (rank 9). These assets, which are important for Destination Germany, support the profiles that survey participants associate with the destination: 42 percent associate the tourism destination Germany with the predicate “Educational,” 32 percent with “Fascinating” and 30 percent with “Exciting.” Numerous other recent surveys confirm Germany’s excellent position as a sustainable destination on the supply and demand side.

For example, Germany ranks sixth in the SDG Index, which tracks countries’ progress in achieving the UN climate goals, in the Travel & Tourism Development Index of the World Forum, and in the YouGov Travel & Tourism Sustainability Ranking, it was ranked among the top 10 in all European countries.

In an exclusive survey conducted by IPK International on behalf of the GNTB in September 2022 in 27 source markets of German incoming tourism, foreign travelers worldwide rated the range of products and services in terms of climate and environmental protection, and sustainability. In this analysis, Germany achieved 3rd place – after Switzerland and Sweden and ahead of Denmark, France, and Austria.

Positive image and competitive offer reflected in customer satisfaction. According to Qualitäts monitor Deutschland tourismus (July 2021 to April 2022), the Net Promoter Score, which reflects the probability of recommending Germany as a vacation destination to friends and acquaintances, is + 66 on a scale of – 100 to + 100.


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