Indonesia – Uncovering natural beauty beyond Bali

The Balinese Paradise is well-known and explored by tourists from all over the world. The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia wants travelers to experience the lesser-known destinations within Indonesia, beyond Bali, and away from the hustle and the bustle.

This enchanting nation of over 17,500 islands is home to a huge diversity of adventures and escapades to choose from. It’s hard to beat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences they offer. Indonesia is a land gifted with pristine beaches, clear blue waters, serene islands, exotic tribes, and vibrant culture. The Indonesian landscapes are surreal. They have islands, beaches, and lakes for water lovers, national parks and forests for wildlife enthusiasts, active volcano sites for adventure buffs, and amazing shopping and lifestyle options for the urban crowd. They have it all!

In conversation with Counsel General, Agus P. Saptono –

What are some of the marketing activities that Indonesia is conducting in India?
– We have started with our participation in trade events like SATTE and OTM. Through them, we find it to be one of the best ways to showcase Indonesia to the travel trade and inform the industry that we are open and waiting eagerly to welcome Indian tourists. The first half of 2022 saw a great surge of tourists entering Indonesia. We are proud to report that we reached 124% of our target volume and 67% of our target arrivals globally in the first 6 months.

India has shown immense YoY positive numbers with the 1st quarter of 2022 seeing 115% growth. As of today, India comes 4th on the list of the largest foreign arrivals into Indonesia and 2nd on the list of tourist arrivals into Bali.

What are your top source markets?
– Australia to Bali is our number 1 source market. Besides Australia, we welcome a large number of tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, and India.
The average length of stay is a minimum of 5 days to a week for Bali alone and if tourists want to see destinations beyond Bali, then they will need 10 days to 2 weeks.

What are the Covid-19-related updates in the country?
– Indonesia, like most countries around the world was quite badly affected by the pandemic.
Gradually, with the increasing vaccination rate and the reopening of international borders, the economy in the country has recovered well, including the tourism sector. The pandemic definitely left us feeling insecure for quite some time, and even today, the very first thing that comes to mind before stepping outside is safety and comfort.

The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia has announced a campaign for the care of Indonesia. This campaign is a symbol of support for Indonesia. It supports the strong effort we are taking to implement Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE).
The CHSE protocol is carried out across the tourism industry as mandatory regulations. For the last 2 years, we have actively encouraged the implementation of an end-to-end CHSE certification program in all airports, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, transportation services, and other public facilities.

What are the requirements for a tourist to enter Indonesia?
– Foreign nationals entering The Republic of Indonesia are required to have the following –
An obligatory certificate can be downloaded online using the PeduliLindungi App.
Certificate of 2nd dose of vaccination written in English (taken at least 14 days prior to departure)
A negative RC-PTR test result is not required during entry however all travelers must undergo a symptom check at the airport upon arrival.

Visa on Arrival – We provide India with VoA for 1 month. Travelers can procure their visa from the visa kiosk upon arrival by paying 30$. This visa can be extended during your stay.
This VoA applies to over 75 countries around the world.

Could you comment on the Air connectivity between India and Indonesia?
Garuda Indonesia, the official airline of the country has temporarily stopped its operations, and hence there are no direct flights currently between India and Indonesia.
Currently, Indians can fly to Indonesia via Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand.

What segment of Indian tourists visits Indonesia?
– Indonesia receives almost all segments from India. Our biggest segments are the family and honeymooners. We also see a lot of religious and cultural tourism. Indonesia is a great choice for wedding packages and destination weddings, which we all know is a huge market in India. We are also noticing the MICE segment is growing rapidly.

Are any new hotels and properties coming up in the destination?
– During the lockdown, we saw many new hotels open in the country. There was a development boom, so to say. The Komodo Island, which is one of the “Beyond-Bali” destinations that we are currently promoting, has seen a number of new hotels opening, with a new airport, and new resorts coming up.

What are the destinations under the “Beyond-Bali” campaign?
– Bali is a well-known destination but our repeat visitors want something more. And we say, why not? We have so much to offer! Under our “Beyond-Bali” campaign, we have other locations in the country like Mandalika, Komodo Island, and The capital city Jakarta, which is the center of the economy, culture, and politics. Java is home to the world’s largest Buddhism temple, Borobudur, and the charming Lake Toba which is in Northern Sumatra.

A message to the Indian Travel Trade –
“Please come again. You have visited Bali but the entire destination of Indonesia is open to you! We are following all protocols necessary for your health and safety and we vow to give our visitors, especially from India a comfortable and fun-filled trip!”


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