Thailand welcomes over 7 million foreign tourists from 1 January to 26 October 2022

Thailand welcomed over 7 million tourists between 1 January and 26 October 2022, with the full-year target for 2022 being between seven and 10 million visitor arrivals.

The total number of visitor arrivals for the 1 January-26 October 2022, the period was 7,349,843. The top five source markets were Malaysia with 1,246,242 arrivals, India with 661,751 arrivals, Lao PDR with 538,789 arrivals, Cambodia with 373,811 arrivals, and Singapore with 365,593 arrivals. Tabulated by the TAT Intelligence Centre based on data from the Immigration Bureau, these totals do not include migrants, United Nations officials, and non-nationalities.



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