JNTO Delhi office hold productive meeting with Indian Superstar Aamir Khan

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Delhi Office recently met with Mr Aamir Khan at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi. The meeting facilitated an exchange of thoughts for future collaborations in the fields of Art and Cinema between India and Japan.

Mr Aamir Khan is one of India’s most prominent and respected actors and directors, with his films often breaking box office records and receiving critical acclaim both in India and internationally. “Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto, Executive Director, JNTO Delhi Office expressed special gratitude towards Mr. Aamir Khan for his enlightening words and remarked that his courtesy is reminiscent of the Japanese.”

Japan and India have a long history of art exchange, with Japanese audiences being particularly fond of Indian cinema. Indian films such as “3 Idiots” and “Dangal” have been hugely successful in Japan. Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto also mentioned, ‘Mr. Aamir Khan is known for his socially conscious roles and thoughtful approach to filmmaking, so it’s no surprise that he has garnered worldwide respect.’

‘2023 is the Japan-India tourism exchange year, as announced by both PM’s. By facilitating smooth and increased travel between the two nations, we can strengthen bonds and power boost the exchange of people in various activities.’ – Further stated by Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto, Executive Director, JNTO Delhi Office.

They discussed how “Indian Cinema are known for their elaborate song and dance sequences (referring to a Gujarati dance style), while Japanese films are renowned for their masterful storytelling and visual effects.”

As globalization continues to bring the world closer together, it is important that we continue to celebrate and learn from the rich diversity, and enable the smooth travel for Indians to Japan. Because exchange of ideas and techniques between the two countries could eventually come from the increasing exchange of people between the two nations.


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