Lohono stays organises a FAM at their Jaipur property

A bunch of travel agents recently embarked on an extraordinary escapade arranged by Lohono Stays. This exclusive Familiarisation Trip provided a firsthand glimpse into the world of their luxurious holiday homes. Spanning the breadth of destinations, Lohono Stays weaves together fragments of memories, crafting journeys that inspire with their villas in 16 domestic and 5 international locations. Group escapades, wedding celebrations, corporate retreats, and seasonal reunions, Lohono caters to all kinds of gatherings.

Guided by experts, they ventured into the heart of Lohono’s treasures—Srinivas, – The Royal Palace. 

Mr Paban Jena, the VP of Rental Sales at Lohono, offered a visionary revelation through an insightful presentation. His words painted Lohono’s vision vividly, blending innovation, luxury, and authenticity seamlessly. This vision was impeccably mirrored in the properties that were explored.

To conclude the event, a sumptuous dinner and camaraderie awaited. Lohono Stays expressed gratitude with a thoughtful delight care package. The FAM Trip, along with giving us a taste of their villas, encapsulated the brand’s ethos of appreciation and hospitality.

The voyage imprinted us with an enduring understanding of Lohono Stays’ distinctive essence.

At  Lohono, Lohono always strives to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver above & beyond your expectations. Lohono Stays offer you a curation of bespoke homes integrated with Lohono’s exceptional hospitality team, to give you a luxurious & truly distinct experience.

Lohono’s fully serviced luxury villas are spread across Goa, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Thailand, Maldives & Indonesia. Lohono brings together world-class aesthetics along with completely serviced specialty experiences.


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