Love K-Pop & K-Drama? Korea Tourism Organization & CulturaGo have the perfect online course for you

Korea Tourism Organization, New Delhi office has collaborated with international start-up CulturaGo to introduce a tailor-made Korean Culture online course for culturally minded travellers in India. This paid course, typically available at around US$ 129 will be available at an exceptionally discounted price of US$ 32 (approx. INR 2400) through this collaboration. It is a value addition for anyone who would like to increase their cultural awareness about South Korea. The course will remain available at discounted pricing till the end of November 2021.

The course is designed to help people planning travel to South Korea for work, study, extended stay, or tourism in the future. It contains 5 comprehensive modules to help one understand Korean culture, learn about the country’s geography and different cities, daily life and etiquettes, prepare for any culture shock that one might experience and finally explain how to live and travel like a local in the country. Each module includes various video interviews of local experts and foreigners living in Korea to help get a better understanding through their personal experience on each topic. After completing the course, one will also receive a certificate of completion from CulturaGo.

South Korea has always been well respected in India as a friendly nation with world-famous brands with a steady increase in the exchange of culture and tourism between the two countries. However, since 2020, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of Hallyu (Korean Wave) with K-Pop bands like BTS & Black Pink becoming household names and Korean films and dramas being viewed on every OTT platform. Even Korean cosmetics and food products have become sought after items in the e-commerce space. For people mesmerised by the Korean culture and the K-way of life, this course is a great opportunity to get in-depth understanding of the country and its people.

During the launch, the official spokesperson of both parties had the following to say:

“Till regular travel resumes, we at KTO will keep on bringing new and exciting activities and experiences for Korea fans to help spread the Korean culture and increase the affinity towards South Korea when it comes to travel. Though Korean films & dramas have already offered a glimpse of Korea, we think that a comprehensive one-of-its-kind course like this will give a better understanding of the country to anyone who would like to travel there in the future. We have chosen 15th August as the launch date to honour India & S. Korea’s Independence & Liberation Day respectively”, said Mr. Young-Geul Choi, Director of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in India.

“We are thrilled to be working with KTO India to offer our Korean cultural course to Indian travellers. While the pandemic may restrict travel to South Korea, we’re pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to still learn about Korean culture from the comfort of your home, whilst providing the cultural insight needed to have the most fulfilling experience travelling to South Korea once travel restrictions are lifted”, said Mr. Stewart Brown, CEO of CulturaGo.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is the national tourism board of South Korea, and its New Delhi office is responsible for tourism marketing in India & neighbouring countries & CulturaGo provides short and highly engaging online courses to help travellers prepare for the unique cultural environment of the destination they are travelling to.

This collaboration is a part of a larger K-Xperience project by KTO where for the remaining part of 2021, they will be coming up with various engagement activities and initiatives to keep South Korea on the top of the minds of their customers in India.


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