Madhya Pradesh Tourism organises ‘MP Tourism Masterclass’ in New Delhi

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board’s recent workshop ‘MP Tourism Masterclass’ was held on 4th July 2024 at the Madhya Pradesh Bhawan, New Delhi. The workshop aimed at positioning MP as a preferred tourist destination. The state is undoubtedly a treasure trove of tourism experiences and an “Offbeat Multispecialty Destination of First Choice”! With rapid transformation in the tourism industry, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is committed to organise comprehensive workshops across the country. This comprehensive workshop highlighted tourism offerings of the state to foster collaboration between key industry stakeholders.

The renowned ‘Tiger State of India’ with 785 tigers and Cheetah State of India” has set a new tourism record in tourist footfalls in 2023 which is 112.1 million compared to 34.1 million in 2022. One of the most significant aspects of ‘MP Tourism Masterclass’ was the participation of the key stakeholders from Madhya Pradesh’s tourism industry, including travel agents, tour operators, and hoteliers. They shook hands with their counterparts in New Delhi to create networks and partnerships that will enhance tourism prospects for the state. This collaborative effort will not only promote tourism in Madhya Pradesh but also facilitate tourism flows between the two states.

Additional Managing Director, Ms. Bidisha Mukherjee (IAS) highlighted that “we are thrilled with the outcome of training program in New Delhi. It reaffirms our belief in the importance of collaboration within the tourism industry. The partnerships forged during this event will undoubtedly enhance tourism prospects for Madhya Pradesh. The workshop not only deepened the understanding of Madhya Pradesh’s tourism potential amongst the stakeholders but also established strong bonds between the two regions, encouraging travellers to explore the offerings of Madhya Pradesh. The stakeholders gained a competitive edge in the marketplace to deliver a more personalized travel experience in this workshop.”

‘MP Tourism Masterclass’ turned out to be Learn, Earn and Grow platform for the stakeholders. They gained a deeper understanding of Madhya Pradesh’s tourism offerings from wildlife tourism, heritage tourism including UNESCO World Heritage sites, new initiatives like new spiritual corridors just like Mahakal Corridor in Ujjain, improved connectivity with the launch of the First intra state air taxi services connecting 8 cities across the state, India’s First Craft Handloom village – Pranpur near Chanderi which was inaugurated this year itself, and many more. MP is set to welcome travellers during its mega annual festivals like The Chanderi Festival, The Kuno Forest Festival, Gandhisagar Forest Retreat and Jal Mahotsav from October 2024. The comprehensive workshop delivered the state’s offering enabling stakeholders to create more customized and enriching travel plans for their clients and develop a strong advocacy for Madhya Pradesh.


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