MakeMyTrip’s new “Incredible India Incredible Prices” feature makes visiting India affordable

India is one of the very few nations that can boast such a vast array of breathtaking locations. The pandemic encouraged travellers to discover India like never before, resulting in steady industry expansion. According to MakeMyTrip’s on-platform data, travellers from India, particularly those between the ages of 22 and 30 and 36 and 45, exhibit a strong Carpe Diem travel mindset. These well-intentioned cohort groups plan multiple vacations each year, taking advantage of every opportunity to travel and experience new activities.

The cost of airfare to the desired location, however, can frequently tip the scales in favour of procrastination over intent when making travel plans. On-platform data shows that compared to the business market, travellers who book flights for pleasure conduct almost twice as many searches. This suggests that before making their ultimate choice of leisure trip reservations, flight bookers compare prices for several destinations in various combinations. This requires time and mental energy before fully solidifying a trip, according to study.

The new ‘Incredible India Incredible Prices’ feature on MakeMyTrip aims to address the problem leisure travel bookers encounter by providing results based on the most affordable flight to several places inside India from the city they intend to travel to for the following six months. According on the month of travel and theme-based travel categories such – Adventure, Heritage, Religious, Romantic, Wildlife, Beach, Hills & Mountains, Honeymoon, etc., one can filter the most affordable airfare. The function gives the tourist a 360-degree view of various destinations in just a few clicks and also highlights the top things to do in each location.

According to Rajesh Magow, co-founder and group CEO of MakeMyTrip, “The new feature has been built from a user lens and seeks to ignite interest in the hidden treasures of India by presenting results based on pricing, timetable, and the topic of travel. The initial findings are promising, as we have noticed a 2.5 times increase in searches for leisure destinations on the Incredible India funnel compared to the usual flight funnel.

The ‘Incredible India Incredible Prices’ feature is also spurring a change in how leisure travellers make prior flight purchases. According to preliminary data, compared to less than 30% on the standard airline listings funnel, more than 60% of consumers who use the platform’s Incredible India funnel to research locations do so in advance, taking advantage of lower costs.


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