Malaysia Airlines expands reach of MHplus with global rollout

Malaysia Airlines is delighted to announce the global rollout of its New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform, MHplus, providing enhanced communication capabilities and closer cooperation between the airline and its trade partners in key markets. Effective 23 January 2024, MHplus will be available in six countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

With the commencement of the global rollout, a substantial portion of the existing content will be made exclusively available to travel retailers and Travel Management Corporations (TMCs) utilising MHplus, ensuring a streamlined transmission process across the travel industry distribution chain. In addition, agents who sign up with MHplus will also enjoy perks including access to all distribution content, enhanced offerings such as 10kg free baggage allowance with the airline’s ‘Lite Fare’, highly completive fares, eligible commissions for ancillary products and more.

Ahmad Luqman Mohd Azmi, Chief Executive Officer of Airlines from Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), said, “Since the inception of MHplus, our pilot partners have enjoyed unrestricted access to all available distribution channel content through modern retailing channels available on MHplus. This has not only empowered them with personalised, tailor-made offerings but also ensured a seamless booking experience for all those involved. We are excited to expand the reach and capability of MHplus, ensuring equal opportunities to our valued partners across our key markets.”

NDC is a travel industry-supported programme by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which enables airlines to modernise how they retail products to travel agents and travellers. Through curated services and enhanced product offerings, it aims to elevate the overall customer experience.


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