Manvendar Singh Tomar joins 7 Apple Hotel Pratap Nagar as General Manager

7 Apple Hotel Pratap Nagar, a renowned name in the hospitality industry, proudly announces the appointment of Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar as its new General Manager. With over 25 years of outstanding experience in the field, Mr Tomar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lead the hotel toward new heights of success.

A seasoned professional with a strong background in client servicing, overall hotel operations management and administration, Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar has a proven track record of driving business growth, enhancing revenue and profitability and delivering exceptional guest experiences. His appointment is a testament to 7 Apple Hotel Pratap Nagar’s commitment to providing top-notch services and reinforcing its position as a leader in the hospitality sector.

Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in managing diverse operations, including food and beverage, sales and revenue, cost control and budgeting. He possesses a strategic mindset and has successfully developed and implemented operational procedures, service standards and control measures to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. His keen eye for detail ensures that procurement, inventory and food budgets are meticulously managed to maintain cost control and stock levels.

One of Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar’s remarkable achievements includes achieving the highest sales in the F&B department. His ability to develop innovative promotional strategies, combined with his strong market knowledge, has consistently increased sales volume and customer satisfaction. He has also played a pivotal role in establishing strategic tie-ups with leading online vendors and facilitated seamless F&B, accommodation, conference and banquet services.

Furthermore, Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar is well-versed in financial planning, budgeting, and management reporting, enabling him to align organizational goals with profitability norms. He excels in fostering outstanding guest services, exceeding performance standards and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. His approachable management style empowers his team to deliver exceptional results and fosters a culture of excellence and motivation.

Prior to joining 7 Apple Hotel Pratap Nagar, Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar held esteemed positions at renowned hotels, including Choice Hotels, Mansingh Hotels, Sarovar Hotels and Hotel Park Prime. His accomplishments include streamlining operations, implementing cost-effective measures and spearheading marketing initiatives that significantly contributed to the success of these establishments.

With Mr Manvendar Singh Tomar at the helm, 7 Apple Hotel Pratap Nagar is poised to achieve new milestones in providing exceptional guest experiences, driving business growth and maintaining its reputation as a preferred destination for discerning travelers.


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