Murmansk Business Mission (Russian Federation) hosts potential Indian travel companies

Export Support Center of Murmansk Region, Tourism Information Center of Murmansk Region &Official Tour Operator Aurora Xplore with cooperation/Support of Salvia Group, organised Murmansk Business Mission (Russian Federation) from 06-11 Dec 2021. Indian travel companies took part in a reverse Business Mission in the Murmansk region – the Arctic region of Russia. The Business Mission started as FAM trip. This is the third FAM trip organised with the support of the Salvia Group and good numbers of Indian tourists have started to visit this beautiful Region 

The delegation from India included 5 travel companies: Salvia Travels Pvt Ltd, Ebix Travel & Holidays Limited, Travel Boutique Online, Nix Tour India, Jetchoice Tours & Travels, from December 6 to 11, the business mission participants got acquainted with the northern region tourist product, conducted inspection trips and met with local tour operators.

We visited/ Inspected many Local attractions, Monuments, hotels, Cottages, Restaurants and others. Also experienced many activities like – Husky Sledge, Reindeer Sledge, Snowmobile riding, Banana Riding, Fishing etc. To say precisely, the trip arranged can be considered as a great success and useful for us, said Y.S. Rawat (Head Corporate sales & Operations) – Salvia Travels.

A rich program was organized by the tour operator Arctic Explore for the business mission participants. Representatives of travel companies visited the largest city beyond the Arctic Circle – Murmansk, the coast of the Barents Sea in Teriberka, got acquainted with the life and traditions of the indigenous people of the North – the Sami and visited a modern ski resort in Kirovsk.

At the end of the trip, on December 11, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Tourist Information Center of the Murmansk Region and B2B meetings with local tour operators were held, which resulted in the signing of framework agreements.

Murmansk, the largest city above the Arctic Circle, has a growing number of International travelling to the north for edge-of-the-world experiences, which can be found on the Barents Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula. Murmansk Region is the northernmost region of the European part of Russia located beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is a gateway to the Arctic and is the biggest city in the world on Arctic Circle with a population of above 3 million ( Surprisingly Tourist flow to this region is above 4 million – 2019 year).

Murmansk is famous for a lot of pure snow, eternal twilight, northern lights, Snowmobile, Husky Sledge, Reindeer Sledge, (In Winter), and the sun shines day and night (In Summer)!!

Tourists can enjoy a lot of clean rivers and lakes, the beauty of the Rybachy (fishermen) Peninsula, the village of Teriberka, undiscovered wild nature, meet Saami – local people in the Arctic, learn more about their unique culture and watch such amazing phenomena as the polar night and the polar day and lots of other tourist attractions.

Murmansk FAM will help the tourism businesses to survive and adapt to the new reality.


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