New Global Brand identity revealed by Air India

The Tata Group-owned airline Air India today marked a turning point in its Vihaan by revealing a cutting-edge new corporate identity and new aircraft livery that represent the spirit of a daring new India.AI turning a national institution into a source of inspiration for the entire country.

The new appearance transforms the recognisable Indian window shape, which Air India has historically utilised, into a gold window frame that serves as the centrepiece of the new brand design system and stands for a “Window of Possibilities.”

The top of the gold window frame served as the inspiration for Air India’s new brand symbol, “The Vista,” which stands for infinite possibilities, progress, and the airline’s audacious, assured perspective for the future.

The brand-new livery and design for Air India’s aircraft uses a chakra-inspired pattern and a colour scheme of deep red, aubergine, and gold accents. Additionally, it features a striking new ‘Air India Sans’ font that was specially created, fusing assurance with friendliness to promote Air India as a premium, inclusive, and accessible airline.

“Our transformative new brand reflects an ambition to make Air India a world-class airline serving passengers from around the globe, and that proudly represents a new India on the global stage,” said Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD of Air India. The new Air India is brash, self-assured, and bright, but it’s also incredibly friendly and firmly based in its long history and storied traditions, which make Indian hospitality the gold standard for hospitality around the world.

The stunning new brand identity for Air India was created in collaboration with the brand transformation firm FutureBrand and unites the airline’s illustrious past with its commitment to strive for excellence and invent for the future. The result is a distinctive brand design for a premium international airline with an Indian heart.

When Air India’s first Airbus A350 joins the fleet in the new livery in December 2023, passengers will start to notice the new logo throughout their flight.

“Colours, patterns, shapes, how they are put together, and what they stand for are important, but our actions speak much louder,” the author writes. The flagship airline of India is undergoing a complete transition at this time, according to Wilson.

In order to improve its customer service and solidify its position as the go-to airline for passengers flying to, from, and within India, Air India is making large investments across the board.


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