PHL Airport celebrates 25 years of artistic excellence

Philadelphia International Airport recently commemorated a remarkable milestone of 25 years of enriching the travel experience through its vibrant Exhibitions Program.

Since its inception, PHL has distinguished itself among global airports with its commitment to promoting arts and culture. This milestone is a testament to the airport’s support for the creative community and its dedication to showcasing the cultural and historical richness of the Greater Philadelphia region.

Over the past 25 years, the Exhibitions Program has evolved into an integral part of PHL’s identity, boasting more than 20 galleries and numerous visual arts activations across all seven terminals. These exhibitions not only captivate and entertain passengers but also provide a window into the artistic, cultural, and historical offerings of the region.

For artists and art institutions, the program offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their work to millions of global travellers, further enhancing Philadelphia’s reputation as a hub of artistic innovation.

To celebrate this milestone, a comprehensive catalogue has also been released, showcasing a diverse range of artwork that encapsulates the program’s rich history and its ongoing impact on travellers. For more information and to view the catalogue, please visit this link to view a diverse range of artwork that represents the program’s 25-year history.


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